Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Patience of a Chopping Block

Dagny is finally learning some words. They are mostly not intelligible to regular humans, though, so she gets very frustrated when we can't understand what she is saying. So frustrated that she balls her hands into fists, turns red, shakes and bangs her head on the floor - which hurts, apparently, and that only makes her more angry. We may have some discipline issues later, I'm thinking.

The word of the week is milk - sounds like meyouk.

Inquiring minds: BMI - 20.4-8, BF 20%

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Emily said...

Dang Girl!!!! Your bf is so low! Mine's like 37, although Wick says it's becuase I have an abnormally low amount of muscle. I think it will get lower when I take chips, queso and margaritta's out of my main food groups:)