Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Didja Know?

Did you know that Thursdays are free beer glass night at Taco Mac? The food is iffy and the bathrooms are ugly, but the beer is lovely and I just noticed what a great collection of glasses we have. Just imagine if we remembered to take them home every time!

Dagny actually stood still for me to take her photo this morning. She was in a very good mood. I'm about to go and get her up for lunch. She was setting up a tea party on the little table with her milk and cups at each place. Then, a poo happened and she had to get a change and a rest. We thought today was service officer day at school and borrowed the police uniform from cousin Clay. Thanks Katie and Clay! I'll have to wash it tomorrow so that Annika can wear it again on the right day. Sometimes, all of these clothing instructions (color day, costume day, pajama day) are irritating. The fire truck will be appearing at school so that will be cause for big excitement, though. As you can see, Dagny is learning to use her spoon very well. She likes ice cream the best but dry cereal is fine too.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Great pics, Dagny is doing so well with the spoon! Emily is doing well with hers as well, Michael would rather chew on the spoon, and feed himself with his hands. I agree with you on the different clothing days. I espescially don't like pajama day. Call me rigid, but I really don't like Sophie playing outside in her pj's. As my mother often told me when we were growing up, one of the best things about Catholic schools was we wore uniforms and there was no arguing or worrying about what to wear each day. I wish public schools would adopt that policy.

jasonaut said...

hey Steph, I'd love to take you up on the half-marathon company offer. I also expect to finish under two hours. I think my best time at that distance is 1:42 and change. This one will probably be somewhere in the just squeaking by under two hours range. Company makes great motivation. If I'm not talkative, it's because I'm working too hard to keep up with you!

Dogwood Girl said...

cool glasses. Todd and I ate and drank at the Rogue River brewery in Oregon one time. Good stories about that night.

Dagny is getting big! We all need to get the kids together.