Monday, February 19, 2007


The photos are apropos of nothing. I was trying to capture Dagny and Annika while they were all dressed up in their pretty dresses the other day, but had only limited success. Above, my friends Michelle, Corinne and Beth during the Christmas knitting night with cracker crowns.

Then, Annika showing me her beautiful dress and smile. I think it was on Valentines Day. I took photos of Dagny too, but hers were blurry because she is so fast. So, I put in a Christmas on of her instead. Same dress, though, so just imagine her taller with more hair.
The Skubetzelis is a Lithuanian word which means klutz (we think, but possibly with stupid and some bad words involved). We don't mean it as stupid or with cursing, though, it's just that Annika is currently so clumsy that the words "klutz" or "clumsy" do not cover it adequately. Yesterday, she fell off of her chair at least three times, flipped a grocery cart over on herself and crashed on the floor while walking or dancing more times than I counted. This, after hitting her lip on the kitchen counter on Saturday. She must be having a growth spurt. Poor thing, she is all bruised and battered.
In other news, on Tues - 4 mile tempo run at 8:53 pace, very slow and sluggish. Thurs, 3.32 mile hill sprints/walks at combined 8:56 pace. Sun, 10 miles at 9:24 pace. That was my longest run of my training so far (and farther than any run for my Disney race). I'm sore today, but was not in any appreciable pain yesterday. Next time, I'll make a better route and station some water or gatorade so that I don't have to avail myself of the QuickTrip. Doug told me to run somewhere else and he was right, again.
Still other news, we made our adult dinner on Saturday and had the fancy wine that I bought Doug for Valentines Day. We are still wondering whether we don't appreciate wine enough to like the expensive stuff or if it was simply not a good choice. It seems to me that we are far less likely to be disappointed in a bottle of wine if we only paid $14 for it - we expect less, but are surprised when it is (frequently) better than that. And the $5.49 Valpolicello at Trader Joes -delicious.


Nat said...

I am so paranoid to stash water. I am worried that it won't be there beause someone stole it or worse what if they spike it? In warmer months I wear my utility belt but weighted down with water it adds almost 4lbs and in the winter it is just too cold. So I find it easier to stop. I just stop my watch. I go to QT's mostly since there is one on almost every corner and their water cheapest. CVS and Walgreen are good too--clean potties and water fountains. But I think QT employs clones. On some longer runs I will have to stop at 3 (for a 22 miler) and I swear the same guy, around 6ft, brown short cropped hair is at all of them.
It sounds like you had a good week. I'm jealous.
Cute pictures of the girls btw.

Dorothy Gould said...

Great pictures of the girls. Even from the one that you posted of Dagny, it looks like she is about to bolt off. Mine either turn their face, or run right toward the camera, so mostly I have pics of them in the high chair. Thanks for the PF sock reccomendation, I picked one up on Saturday, and it seems to be helping. Not too glamorous to wear to bed, but that is beside the point!

Emily said...

I have a new camel back. You should get one, it's way convenient.