Sunday, March 18, 2007


So, I wrote a nice post while at my continuing education class on Tuesday, but it was lost in the ether when the hotspot at the Sheraton went out on me. Then, I was going to write after finishing my work on Friday but the internet at home went out. It turns out that my moden was not on "bridge mode" despite the nice Bellsouth customer service rep's assurances to the contrary. I didn't believe her anway because her grasp on the English language was tenuous at best and she kept blaming it on my router, which is brand new. Luckily, the D-Link customer service rep was (1) a speaker of English, (2) knowledgeable and (3) helpful. There were long pauses in our conversation where I thought he was reading the instructions, but when he was probably surfing the internet and lost focus with me. No matter, the internet is up. It only took ALL of Dagny's nap and the 2 hours that Annika was being punished in her room. No work was completed and no blogging done. Stupid Bellsouth.

Annika was punished because (as was revealed when Doug questioned her about it) she was having a parade with Dagny while I was on the phone with a work colleague on a business call after I told her that I was going to take the call and that she needed to be quiet. I had just thought that she was following me from room to room with the loudness to get attention. Silly me - who knew it was a parade?

On the running front, I think I've solved the problem. My shoes were old. I knew that they were getting old, but I was waiting until the new Brooks Adrenalines came to my running store. If I was to buy shoes, why not the latest technology? Because waiting for the new technology will @#?*& up your knee - That is why. Stupid. Anyway, long story short, I bought an interim pair of new Adrenalines while waiting for them to come in at my store (because they ordered them especially for me) and now I have two new pairs of shoes. They won't go bad, though, and I'll hopefully get more mileage out of them if I rotate pairs - especially in the sweaty summer months.

Sun: 5 miles with knee brace on non-IT knee at 9:45 pace. Could have gone longer if I would have had both braces.

Tues: 4 miles in the flats at unknown pace. Could have gone longer if I would have remembered to wear any knee braces. You can't re-enter the house after leaving at 5am because the alarm beeps and will wake the babies. It was a joy to run without anything though - I felt like a gazelle.

Fri: 3 miles in the flats at 9:00 pace, cut short because of potty break

Sat: 6 miles in the nasty wind with both knee braces and no tunes at 9:09 pace. This run sucked; the wind, silence, cold and bad Mexican food for dinner on Friday combined for a lot of misery. The cardio and the knees were fine though. This is my race pace for ING if I'm to hit my goal time. I think, with proper fueling, hydration, both braces and some tylenol, it might be possible. Cross your fingers.


Camille said...

Good thinking on the interim shoes. I'm going to have to break down and buy some, too. The problem is, I don't have a clue which ones to buy. Off to Fleet Feet. Also, I'm with you on the Bellsouth thing. I can't wait to fire them.

Dogwood Girl said...

You can do it!

Wes said...

Now, what kind of mom are you that you didn't know that was a parade? You should have KNOWN through osmosis! LOL. I luv my Brooks Adrenalines. I hear Nat likes hers that way too. Holy cow on that pace! That's like my kick arse pace to break 2 hours. Not sure if thats possible but its on the radar! You go, girl! ING here we come....

Nat said...

I know you are Spikes girl but the Big Peach has the new Adrenalines in stock.
2 hours? In the bag girlfriend. It is yours. You should hook up with my sister. She is sooo slack in training (longest long run is 8 miles) and she has run under 2 hours both times at the half on Thanksgiving. This past time was under 1:55.

Nat said...

Uhm yeah, PS. I was not saying you were slack. My point was if she can do it you can because unlike you Pookie doesn't care. Not really sure why she runs a half because both times she has she complains about how horrible it is.