Friday, March 30, 2007


Here is a link to a photo of Jennifer, Joe and me (R to L) on ING race morning. I'll have you know that Jennifer looked just that good after the race too. The rest of my photos (with many of Joe, too) are here.

After the urgent care clinic visit on Sunday (post-race and pre-shower, mind you) to cure the Scourge, two checkups (regular and allergy) on Tuesday, Annika had a full-blown allergy attack on Tuesday afternoon. Her face swelled up and turned red and she itched all over. I had to call the doc to see how much Benadryl was too much because enough had stopped working. At the checkups we learned that Annika's height, weight, hearing and vision are normal. She has finally broken into double-digit BMI, which is nice. I forgot about picture day that day and it will be interesting to see what a lovely photo combination the allergies and a dumbass mother make. Wouldn't you know that she gets allergic AFTER the two doctor visits.

At Annika's school Easter party, they did the Easter egg hunt and subsequent egg redistribution (just like Annie described) but the cool thing was the cake. One of the party volunteers ordered it and it was HUGE. The cake woman made the most delicious white cake with frosting and two layers. She decorated three large round tombs with brown frosting, brown dots and crosses made from pretzels. Upon further inspection, I discovered that she had also made a recessed tomb for Jesus, with a chocolate chip bar cookie "stone" covering half of it and the tomb was EMPTY. How cool is that? You would never get that stuff at public school! I tried to find instructions for making this cake online so that you could link to a photo, but no luck. There is, however, an Easter cake contest and I suspect some variation of this will win. If so, I'll post.

Doug found something cool for me on Audible this week. Audible is the site where he downloads books to listen to on his long commute. I listen too, since we share the i-tunes account but I don't have as much kid-free time in the car and our books tend to be murder mysteries or have lots of bad words. Anyway, the cool thing is called podrunner and it is a bunch of mixes for running that are centered around a certain beat-per-minute. I listened to one with Doug the other day that began and ended with the USMC cadence - "got to keep on rolling." Today's mix did not have that at the beginning and I didn't get to the end, but it was pretty good. 176 BPM is a bit fast for a recovery run, though. I did my 5K in 26:25. Unrelated to the music, I rolled my ankle on a pinecone (not looking where I was going when exiting the bathroom area) - it's swollen but clearly not broken. I think this podrunner thing would be good for outdoor tempo runs, if you are the kind of person who has to get in step with the beat. Which I am. And what is more fun than a cadence, anyway?


Dorothy Gould said...

I am with you on the Benedryl, dosing Sophie right to the limit for her age and weight. So sorry your post race involved a visit to the urgent care, that is never fun. Funny about the egg redistribution, Sophie came home from school with her bagful, and told me "everyone got 12, Mom". Everyone brought in 12, so everyone took home 12. I just enjoyed a Nestle crunch egg from her of the perks of being the mother!

Nat said...
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Nat said...

I have decided Beau is having mental allergic reactions--bad behavior--to the pollen. I started dosing him and Carmella-- since she, like Beau, looks like someone punched her in the eyes-- with Claritan on Wed. It seems to be helping as I didn't have to surpress the to urge kill him the past 2 days. The past 2 weeks he has been living a dangerous and precarious existence. You saw him at dinner last week. The most annoying kid ever.

Watch the ankle. I battled tendonitis for a nearly year after turning it. I think I had a mild sprain (swollen and bruised) but I just kept running on it and it took forever to get better--this is an example my ignoring the injury methodolgy. Rarely works.

I suggest lots of ice and motrin.

Cut photos. Nice to put a face to the famous Joe. I think I have met him before--Annika's 2nd birthday--the one with the animals?

PS Sorry about having to go to the dr after the race. There is no rest and recovery for the racing Mommy. I had to come home and make the beds and do the breakfast dishes and some laundry. Thank God I had had the sense to clean the house the day before.

Also, I have Dyslexia. It always takes me at least 3 time to enter the word verification code correctly. I am an idiot.

Nat said...

Ugh that was suppose to say cute photos.

Wes said...

Those allergies sound scary! My son tends to get pneumonia when allergy season hits. He gets dehydrated. His asthma acts up, then before you know it, we are in the hospital room. Sorry you rolled your ankle! Those 5K times are killer!!

Grey said...

Congratulations. Sounds like a good time. I am training for the Ptree now, but would love to do this in the future.