Friday, July 27, 2007

Good as New

Dagny fell and broke her tooth two Saturdays ago. The corner of her left front tooth snapped right off because she hit it on the bucket she was carrying.

Once we determined that she was not going to die, we began the search for the dentist. Katie (who knows everything) was thinking of switching to a pediatric dentist near our house so I called them. We went in for an exam on Friday and then returned to repair her tooth on Tuesday. Usually they wouldn't repair a baby tooth, but since we had to seal the broken area anyway (to protect against infection) it made sense to make it look nice too. The other option was to wait two years and then go back for the cosmetic part. Two years of snaggle-tooth. Not an option. They used a papoose to hold her down, which is basically a body board for babies with a head immobilizer. She hated that part, and returned to me all sweaty and mad but cheered up immediately when they gave her a balloon and a bag with stickers in it. This doctor is big on making the dentist as pleasant an experience as possible, which is awfully nice. We go back for Annika's exam and cleaning on Tuesday.

So, as you can see from the photo, Dagny looks good. Sorry about the color - that sippy cup in the left corner threw my color and focus off. Her teeth are not snaggly any more. Yes, she is wearing a sweater in the middle of summer when our air conditioning is broken. We've apparently entered the "terrible twos" a little early and she would not be dissuaded from putting on her "coat" (which sounds like "goat").
In other news, Doug found a cool link to view all of your race times. It appears to contain all or most races that I've run with a chip or with an official time.

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Wes said...

Awwww. Matthew fell and hit both his front teeth on the bed when he was about one and a half. We didn't know until he was about five or six that he had basically killed both teeth. We had to pull them. Lucky for him, he was only out front teeth for about six months, but having to get them pulled was a pain. I empathize with you!!