Sunday, July 08, 2007

Technology v. Steph

I have finally learned to use my phone AND hooked myself up to an email account - which I used to send myself the photos you see here that I took with my phone. Who would have thought that one might want to take photos with their phone? I never knew it would be important.

Well, let me tell you - it's lovely. Probably not necessary or even a must-have, but awfully convenient. And why not - if the camera/email phones are the same price as the others? We had big fun taking photos with Nat's phone and sending them to Ryan while at the post-Peachtree party.

As you can see from the photo, Dagny is thrilled with the Nemo jammies that Doug bought her from e-bay. She insisted that we help her don them immediately, which is why she is riding her trike with clothes and jammies at the same time.

Other interesting things going on here:

1. Annika wanted to know if we could take her to outer space when she is 5 years old. Um, no.

2. Not only did I have to miss Nat's birthday party because of Dagny's tummy bug, and have to bail on the long-awaited girls trip because of work and our busy month, I completely forgot our nephew's birthday party today. Katie called to remind us AFTER IT WAS OVER. I suck. The present is even sitting right here, waiting for me to re-wrap it (because Dagny thought it would be good to open it early).

In better news, here is the workout summary from last week:

Sunday: 10.31 mile bike at 15.6 mph and 3.21 mile run at a 7.37 min/mile pace. This was a very fun run/bike despite some tummy issues and my complete ineptitude with the new bike.

Monday: 1600 yard swim in 35 mins. My time trial for the 400 yards (race distance) is still stubbornly 8 minutes. I do it mid-workout, though, so maybe I would be faster if I were fresh or if I didn't still have the other half of the workout to do. Excuses, excuses.

Tuesday: 9.08 mile bike at 14.1 mph. It rained on me and Doug said to take it easy pre-race, so I did not kick ass.

Wednesday: Peachtree Road Race - 6.3 miles at 7:25 min/mile pace. I was finisher #1728 with a 48:01 clock time and a 46:45 chip time. Joe pulled me for the first three miles when I realized that I should have made use of the porto-potties in mile 2. I thought that I was pulling him up Cardiac Hill, but suddenly he was gone. Gutted it out alone (but for my tunes) for miles 4 and 5. My gut won in mile 6 and I had to merge right to walk on the fringe coming down 10th Street. Some nice guys (in dark red singlets) thought I was just tired and encouraged me and all but pulled me by the hand back running. Then, Joe passed on the left and I joined him for the finish. We met the peeps at the bar for beers post-race and that was very fine.

Thursday: approx 400 yards during adult swim and while watching Annika at the pool.

Friday: 8.68 miles biking around the hood at 13.1 mph. It was too foggy to go outside the comfort zone and my legs were still very sore. Maybe the gut was not my only limiting factor on Wed. after all.

Saturday: 1600 yard swim in 35 minutes. I felt good and could have gone longer but ran out of time.


Nat said...

Man I am so sad you are not coming. What will we do without the peace maker? And I am bummed you didn't come yesterday. Most of my pals with the littles had sickies or crankiness going on and had to bail.

Nice week and you did awesome at the Peachtree. I think you need to run with me since I am faster than Joe (yep, I said it!) and I'll get you to those beers sooner.

I also wanted to add that when I do 400 trials my 2nd and 3rd 400 are always my fastest--the first is the slowest. But maybe you should do a 200 warm up, rest a minute and then do a timed 400.

At any rate I think you are doing great and you have made amazing progress with the running. I seriously believe that the second baby makes you faster. Happened for me and looks like it is for you too. Just think if we were crazy enough to try for 3 or 4 we could be toeing the Olympic Trials. hahahaha

Steph Bachman said...

HA! I'm totally forwarding this to Joe! My goal was to try to find and keep up with you so maybe next year I can do that. Joe would like to try it too because he was just lying when he said our goal was 48 mins.

Wes said...

Great camera pics! I will be at the Acworth Tri to watch you guys. I'm still hoping that Dee Dee will sign up. We'll see. Don't worry about your swim time. Everything changes once you get in the water with hundreds of other people. Get a race or two under your belt. You've got the run nailed, and you'll do great on the bike! Hope the family is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...
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