Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Just a Number

I wrote a long post all about how weight is just a number. It was a lot of blah, blah, blah. I really do believe this, and that there are much better ways to measure fitness (especially given the wide variety in body types). However, the post was lame. If you don't agree about the weight thing, email me and we can discuss.

Instead, here are some photos of my kids. Annika had dance camp this week and Dagny and I went for a run, played on the playground and did errands during camp on Friday. It was a very fun day, despite not being on the beach with the hotties.
Bike gurus: Wes and Colin, if you know how it is for girls, please tell me where one should put their bottom on the bike seat when riding, particularly when using the aero bars. I'm having some issues with that and don't know if it's my seat position or just a princess-and-the-pea syndrome which will disappear with time.


Wes said...

Did you put aero bars on your mountain bike? I've heard of people doing that, and I think its freakin awesome :-) FYI, crotch soreness is just another set of muscles you have to be build up endurance in! LOL. I'm up to about an 1.5 hours now, so on my 2.5 hours ride, the last hour really really sux as far as my bottom goes. They do have split seats, which would even help guys, and Dee Dee says that Gel riding shorts are the bomb for gals. Hope that helps!!

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I agree that weight is just a number, esp after kids. Great pictures of your girls, we are looking forward to seeing you all this week.

Steph Bachman said...

No, no, Doug bought me a fabulous new bike. It is WAY faster - I'll be smokin' when I finally learn how to use it correctly.

I thought the soreness might be an endurance thing - rats. I thought that it might help to angle my seat down for the aero part but Doug said that you aren't supposed to do that.

Nat said...

Steph we missed you.But I powered on and tied like 5000 on.

I need to get those bars. I think you probably need to sit far back in the saddle and stream line yourself. Also, a padded seat makes a difference. I have padded seat and never ride in bike shorts because I find them too hot. I have acutally been biking in my compression short shorts or running kirt rather than the padded so I can just do the sprint in my swimsuit and not worry about changing or bulky clothes. So that has helped my uhhum acclimate pretty fast-- I can do a 2 hour ride without the bone/groin soreness and that is very sensitive area on me because of my pelvic break.