Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not Going to Kick Ass

So, Doug sent me a link to this site to calculate my approximate race finishing time for the Hansgrohe race. I had to guess at the bike time trial number because I've never done such a thing, but the end result was 1hr, 22mins. Less time if I run the 5K flat out. Why wouldn't you run the 5K flat out? There is nothing to hold back at the end, so my time could be 1 hr, 19 mins.

It looks like my dreams of triathlon glory (or just keeping Natalie in sight) are not going to happen this year. That's OK -if I can get this race under my belt, I think I have room to improve on my bike skills and time so we can save the ass-kicking for later.

Last week:
Sun: 21.84 mile bike at 9.3 mph. This was the Silver Comet ride with the kids in the trailer. I'm going to count it as strength work.
Mon: 1200 yard swim - Doug is working on his swimming so my time to do this is cut shorter than it was before.
Tues: 16.69 mile bike at 14.6 mph on the Roswell Bike Route. This was fun, but not so speedy.
Wed: 3.71 mile run at 8:05 pace, sprinting up the hills and recovering down the hills. Every bit of this run was torture. Ugh.
Thurs: I had planned a long swim for this morning. Unfortunately, Dagny was up all night with a fever and I had to drive to Sandersville for work in the morning so I ditched the workout.
Fri: 1200 yard swim. Broke the 8 min barrier on the 400 yard time trial - finally! 4 mile run at the park with the stroller. This run was HARD. I don't know if it was the humidity or the stroller or me not being over the head cold from last week, but my heart rate was through the roof. I don't know exactly how high because Garmin ran out of battery, so the distance is approximate and the pace is unknown.
Sat: 6.23 mile run in the flats at 9:37 pace. Nice and easy, started listening to Harry Potter book #6 in preparation for arrival of the new book.

Totals: 38.53 miles biking, 2,400 yards swimming, and 13.94 miles running


Wes said...

Nah... You are going to kick ass :-) Just moving up to a road/tri bike if you are serious about tris will help tremendously! and I agree... We'll only get to see Nat at the starting line :-)

Steph Bachman said...

Wes - all current mileage IS on the new tri bike. However, I'm not skilled at the biking yet so that leaves lots of room for improvement. I won't catch Nat, but I can get better.

Dogwood Girl said...

Are you doing this to beat Nat, or are you doing this for yourself? Stop worrying how you will do compared to her, and just feel confident that you will do your best. I think you have prepared pretty damn well and you are going to do great.

Whoohooo! i am excited for you.

Nat said...

Please stop blowing smoke up my ass.

Steph I totally think something is off because I am maybe a minute faster in the run for a 5k than you are and I think our bike and swim are the same.

Anne is right though. We are over thinking this. It is our first tri and our goal should be to finish so we can have some beers. I am planning (hoping) that we will be having a lake day after the race. it is the last day of summer for us as the kids start back the 13th for Carmella and the 14th for Beau.

Colin said...

Damn, Steph, you're a bad woman. You would beat me in a triathlon right now, but only in the swimming, running, and biking portions of the race. I would, however, totally kick your ass in every other part of the race, like eating energy bars and sweating like a pig. Do they give time bonuses for that stuff?