Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm still having issues with the seat on my bike. When I lean forward into the aerobars, my girly bits get all squashed on the seat, which is not comfy at best and quite painful at worst. Don't know how to fix this, except maybe (a) lower the front of my seat, or (2) get a new seat with a cutout for the girly bits. I've no idea which is better; I'll ask my friends at REI when I go back for my bike check-up in a few weeks. The consensus seems to be that I'll toughen up, so maybe that is option (c).

Regardless, I rode 16 miles yesterday and have to say that despite the sore bottom, I LOVE the aerobars. When I lean out over the wheel and steer by leaning, I feel like superman. And, in addition to the flying, it's also neat to feel your legs pumping while in that position - like they are a humming engine full of power. It's also a good motivator - if the tops of my thighs slapping into my tummy won't stop me from eating crap, nothing will!

Sunday, Doug and I took the girls to the Silver Comet Trail for a ride. We packed a lunch and planned to ride from the lot on Olivine Road to Rockmart for a picnic and then back. 'Lo and behold, there was no parking lot on that road, so we drove to Dallas and parked at a "beach" near a nice convenience store (foreshadowing here). We loaded up the backpack for me and Doug put both girls in the trailer and hooked it to his bike. The cool seat that we bought to use on my bike was not compatible with either of our bikes so it stayed at home and went back to Wal-Mart yesterday. On the way out, we averaged about 14-15 mph until after we passed the riverwalk and the hills began. Doug was tired - those girls are heavy! I coasted most of the way but tried to be stealthy about it because Doug was working so hard. We estimated that Rockmart would be about 10 miles from our start, so we could picnic there because the website says it is a nice place. Well, wouldn't you know it - we covered a lot of ground looking for a drop-in point, so that riverwalk place - WAS Rockmart. We didn't realize this until the return trip, but no matter. We road about 11.5 miles to a lovely campsite in the middle of a wooded area between cow fields and had our lunch. I had to pee so that was a good opportunity to teach Annika about leaving no trace. She was too nervous to pee, so she had to hold it until we got home.

Then, I suggested that I pull the girls on the return trip.

I've never pulled anything on my bike before. Oh my goodness. It was so hard. I learned really fast about the difference between "mashing" the pedals and making a flowing motion. Colin was right - Colin was right (dancing). Mashing = an odd forward/back motion from the trailer because of the changes in speed. Flowing pedal motion = no jerking back and forth, so it is way better. It's much easier to keep the flowing motion when in a seated position, but on a hill with 75-85 lbs of trailer behind you, sitting is not usually possible. I did well to finish and Doug got his turn to coast. Oh, and - if I tell you that an amount of liquid is appropriate for a ride, doubling it would be better and smarter. We ran out of water on the way back and found none on the trail or in Rockmart, which (by the way) is closed on Sunday. Luckily, we parked near that convenience store and were able to buy water there. So, in all it was a good ride and a great workout. I highly recommend the Silver Comet because it was SUPER COOL, but now I'm going to have to buy the book because those internet instructions are woefully out of date.

Last week:

Sun: 10.79 mile bike at 15 mph, plus 3.14 mile run at 7:46 min/mile pace
Mon: 1900 yard swim in 40 mins
Tues: 13.47 mile bike on Mayor's Route in the rain at 11.5 mph
Wed: 4.2 miles run around the hood at 8:30 pace
Thurs: 20.46 mile bike at the river (thank you, Doug) at 15.9 mph. This would have been faster except that I had to wait at one end of my route to cross the street for a LONG time. Since I did 3-4 laps of the route, this added up. Yeah, excuses, excuses.
Fri: 1600 yard swim in 35 mins. Later, 3.12 mile run in the park with stroller at 8:42 pace. I love camp. Dagny loved seeing the doggies we passed and the playground, as you can see from the previous post.
Sat: 6 mile run in the flats at 9:36 pace. Listened to more of my murder mystery while I ran. : )

Totals: 3500 yds swimming, 44.72 mi. biking, and 16.46 mi. running

My goal for the big race - try to keep up with Nat. I don't think I can, but it is worth a try - it is a sprint, isn't it?


Jarrett Meyer said...

Awesome week, Steph.

Steph Bachman said...

Thanks, Jarrett. : )

Nat said...

You are totally going to keep up with me and probably pass me on the bike with your fancy new bars. My only hope is to catch you on the run. Great week!

Wes said...

Girly bits... LOL. When I drop down into aero position on my bike, I just want to hammer hammer hammer :-) Dee Dee and I always start at Mavel Road or whatever the head of the trail is called. It's pretty easy to find and works well for us.

Why don't you sweet talk Nat and you guys come swim at the Landing with Dee Dee and I someday? It would be great to meet you guys before the race, and I signed Dee Dee up this morning. I am now the official blogger photographer and cheering section! Woohoo!!!!

Colin said...

Steph, it sounds like you're progressing really well. (And, I should add, it really strokes a guy's ego to hear a woman say he was right, even if she is not his significant other.) I'll e-mail you about the seat...I might have some suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Try the Terry Butterfly Saddle. It's awesome!!