Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Just Want to Thank You

Thanksgiving is coming up, so I'm thinking about all of the good things in my life.

This was particularly hard yesterday because I was foul. Originally I wrote that I was "in a foul mood," but the word "mood" seemed to temper the foulness so it is more descriptive to say that I was foul. I hadn't showered or brushed my teeth, so I probably smelled foul. Goodness knows I looked foul. I missed my swim window in the morning and there was going to be no afternoon swim because Doug was busy and I'm not ready for a run yet plus no childcare, and Dagny is still sick, and my work isn't done and Annika is talking back. And, and, and.

So, here is a top ten of good things that I'm thankful for:

1. Doug and our beautiful girls. They are marvelous, even when girls are sick and crabby.
2. Our parents and their close proximity. And, the successful cancer surgery.
3. Reasonably good health. Even with the crappy eyesight and glass knees.
4. Sweet friends. Sisters, bike-buds, sisters-in-law, cousins, internet and in-person.
5. Decent job. Sometimes it is hard and thankless, but mostly it is good.
6. Exercise wins the race from the fat Steph and the crazy one.
7. Crusty wheat bread with olive oil.
8. Big fat red wine.
9. Hot coffee and the newspaper.
10. Featherbeds and a warm Doug. Did I say that one twice? Yep, double-thankful for him.

Weekly totals:

Sun: 3,000 yards swimming. 500 w/u, 10x100 free, 3x500. After reading Nat's blog, I noticed that the 10x100s were supposed to be in 1 min 30 secs instead of the 1:35/1:40 I was doing. She left that part of the instructions out last week. So I tried - and got 1:35s. I worked hard, though - you could hear my gasping all the way across the pool as I waited for the 60 second hand to come around for the next start (you wait until 2 mins and then start the next 100). I was consistent across the 100s so that is a good thing. Also learned that too much drinking during those sprints makes a girl feel a little pukey. And, I'm feeling thankful for all of my stupid "breathing-on-the-wrong-side" drills because it's nice to be able to breathe on both sides now.

Mon: Nada - drive to Florida for work. Gainesville, Florida. Home of the Gators and not the beach.

Tues: 2.3 miles walking in 30 minutes on the treadmill. Got up late so not so long as I would have liked but it helped my day.

Wed: 20.71 mile bike with Nat at approx 12.7 mph pace. This seems really slow because we were going an avg of 17-18 on the flats but maybe I was slower on the hills. Knee hurt but not too bad. Thankful that Nat was tapering and didn't mind a slow bike.

Thurs: Nothing. Dagny sick - thought I'd leave work early and swim in the afternoon because I was up all night so I didn't get up and go in the morning.

Fri: 3.12 mile run at 10:21 pace. Knee hurt the whole time, but not horribly. Probably shouldn't have done this run but I went to bed after Doug was asleep on Thursday (stupid bills) and didn't set-up for a morning swim. And, there was work I had to do. I'm thankful for Katie, who reminded me that I could run during Annika's gymnastics - otherwise I might have lost my marbles.

Sat: Had consoled myself yesterday with thoughts of swimming today. Alas, the pool is closed all weekend for swim meet. SIGH! Got a very excited email from the Swim Atlanta Masters club and they want me (and you) to join them. 2 free weeks to try it out and then $40 per month. Too rich for my blood, but it sounds really cool. I plan to walk the girls to my folks house this morning to see my dad as he still isn't allowed to drive so 2.4 miles walking.

Totals: 3,000 yards swimming, 20.71 miles biking, 7.82 miles run/walking (if I get the walk in today). Sucky week. How I should have been thankful for my painless knee this summer!

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