Saturday, November 03, 2007


Here is a photo from Katie's camera. Mine are still in our camera.
All kids had a great time. When Doug skipped his run on Wednesday, I should have known that we were in for a wild night. This was my first actual trick-or-treating since I went as a kid. I had forgotten the energy!
We went to Katie/Dana's house for photos and to pick up Clay and Sarah Anne after pre-trick-or-treating at my parents' house. Much excitement and running around. Dagny got all sweaty and crabby - Tigger is hot. Then, as dusk fell, we were off . . .
Annika and Clay ran from house to house with the rest of us trailing in their wake. Dagny couldn't keep up but didn't want us to carry her. Instead, we would run up behind her, scoop her up and run screaming to deposit her on the step with the other kids. She was the most polite of all - quickly running through her Halloween vocabulary with some prompting from mom/dad: "twik-tweet" "shank ooo" and "appy lalloween." She didn't want anyone to touch her candy, even when the pumpkin was full and really heavy. I tried to support it on the bottom as I ran with her from house to house (just to take some of the weight), but she wouldn't have it. "Mine, no touch canny Mommy!"
Note to all others, politeness and cute-tiggerness garners way more loot than being first or the crappy rhymes about the underpants 0r the smelling of feet. Do you remember the comics from when you were a kid, where one of the adults would have a little arrow pointing to them that said "urge to kill"? Every time one of our crowd would burst into one of these rhymes, I had that arrow pointing to me. Not that I'm on a short fuse or anything. Good thing I'm not allowed to thump other people's children.
Doug was right about the resting, though. We were all exhausted after the marathon trick-or-treating. Dagny was so tired she couldn't even talk. Luckily she was perfectly happy with raisins while we sorted the candy so we avoided the Halloween night candy-induced poopy blow-out. Good times.
In other news, Annika went sans pull-up last night. When I got up this morning at dark-thirty to run, I thought I would put her on the potty just in case. Too late. Already wet, but still asleep. We will be showering and commencing the laundry shortly. Cross your fingers for this.
Weekly update:
Sun: Still hurting and Doug was in the golf tournament, so no running or biking. Changed my tire and could have gone for a ride but it hurt a LOT so nada.
Mon: 1,900 yard swim. 400 w/u, 10x100 on 2:00, 500 c/d. Conned Nat into swimming with me and she made me do the 10x100 as punishment. I was a good 10 secs per 100 slower than she was but it was a good workout. Better for Nat because she had already run and rode her bike to the pool.
Tues: 0.3 miles running. Nope, knee not ready yet.
Wed: 2,500 yard swim. 500 w/u, 10x100 again (was 5-10 secs per 100 slower today), 500, 500 c/d. I found the tri-peeps at the pool! Yay! They didn't talk to me (maybe it really is the goggles) but it made me happy to see them there in the midst of the aqua-therapy crowd.
Thurs: Nyet - recovery from Wednesday. Saw another tri-peep at Starbucks with a kicking Cervelo bike. He was busy showing it off to another guy so I didn't get to say hello. Maybe tri-peeps really are infiltrating.
Fri: 3.16 miles at 11:27 pace in the hood. Run/walk, obviously. This was supposed to have been a swim but I was up late on Thursday (Doug's fault - I got lured) and overslept. Does moving 300-odd boxes of files in the office count as a workout? If so, 2 hours of that.
Sat: 3.32 miles at 15:07 pace in the hood. Long run, schmong run. How about a freezing cold walk instead? Note to self: walking requires way more clothes than running.
Totals: 4,400 yards swimming, no biking, 6.78 miles run/walking (mostly walking). This knee crap is frustrating. I'm going to have to take it even easier next week - maybe walking only. Hello, pool! Less running and no biking sure does give me more free time, though. I went turbo-shopping on Wednesday and had time to clean a potty Friday and make pancakes this morning.


Colin said...

Sometimes knee pain can be caused by trying to push too large of a gear on your bicycle. Pushing a smaller gear at higher rpms is easier for your body to recover from. Just an fyi. Hope the knee is better soon.

Sarah said...

Oooh, pretty bike. I'm dying for a road bike...counting down the days.

Oh no, knee pain? I feel ya on that, I had a little yesterday, but probably due to zero training lately.

Am jealous of your swimming ability, that's a great distance!

Dorothy Gould said...

Dagny is my kind of girl, won't relinquish that candy for anyone. Slowly I am making ours disappear, and no one is even being a sneaky mom!

Nat said...

You are queen of the pool these days. I hope the knee is feeling better.

Wes said...

Wow! You can really see you in that pic. Very sweet!!

Tara said...

They are so cute! You're so right about cute=more candy.