Saturday, November 17, 2007

One of These Days

Today we rode the Pink Pig at Macy's in Lenox Square. When I was a kid the ride appeared every Christmas on top of the downtown Rich's store. It hung from a track and swung back and forth a little as it went around the tree. Before my time, the pig was inside of Rich's and circled the toy department. Here is my friend Tara, her stylish and sweet daughter, Erin, and Annika as we waited in line to ride the pig. They still have the pink metal pig (Petunia) with the barred windows and the hook on top, but you get to ride past it on a small pink train in a tent in the parking lot while Petunia's daughter tells about her life. You can see it in the background below.

The seats on the train were comfy and child-sized so Annika had to ride in between Tara/Erin and Dagny/me. She was OK with that because we held hands. A nice man took our photo after watching me try to do it one-handed.
The tent is crappy, the scenery is cardboard and the voice-over is pretty annoying. But the kids loved the ride. They would have gone again and again if we had been willing to shell out for multiple rides and there had been less of a line.

They even got the "I rode the Pink Pig" stickers just like we used to get. It just goes to show you, though, that sometimes we (I) have expectations which are too high. When you are 16mos to 4 1/2, the pig is fun wherever it is. Thank you to Tara for suggesting it and driving to meet us. I would have said "we should do that some time" or "I'll do that next week" or "too busy today" or "one of these days" and we would never have gone but it was really fun. Thanks, Tara.

We lunched afterward at The Clubhouse and it was lovely. All children were well-behaved and the food was pretty good - the bags they give the children say "where kids belong" and have goodies in them. I will definitely go back there with the girls. Anyplace that caters to children is good for me.

Weekly update:

Sun: 12.11 mile easy bike ride at 10.9 mph to the bike shop to buy tubes since I used the last one. I was so proud of myself for changing the tire so easily and popping it on without the wrenches like the Vulcan Bike Wizard. Unfortunately, I didn't check the brakes before I left the house and I rode to the bike store with them rubbing. Then, I nearly bit it on a turn and noticed an odd noise had developed. I thought it was the brakes but no. The bike was really hard to pedal, though. Realized when I got home that I had not tightened the wheel well enough and the almost-wipeout knocked it out of position so that it was rubbing on the frame. Yep, I'm a genius.

Mon: 20.30 mile bike at 13.8 mph and 2.36 mile run at 9:48 pace. I was Nat's anchor as she recovered from her marathon on Saturday. She would have gone much faster had I not held her back. Thoughtfully, I didn't do any snot rockets when I was in front. She's nearly convinced me that we should all do the Chickamauga marathon next year.

Tues: 3.11 mile walk at 12:45 pace. I've got the race coming up so I didn't feel good about running. I still passed the ladies with the red armbands - they were not breathing as hard as I was, though.

Wed: 23.03 mile bike at 15.3 mph and 3.18 mile run/walk at 10:32 pace. My goal was to do a short hard bike and then as much of a run as I could. The knee gets better with walking breaks and I had to use the porto-potty so I did both.

Thurs: 2,000 yard swim. 500 w/u; 10x100 on 2:00 drill (avg 1:45 but last one was 1:40); 500 c/d. It is hard to get more than this much swimming in because the high school girls hit the showers just before 7:00 so I had to hurry out and still had to wait for a shower and a hair-dryer outlet.

Fri: Nothing at all. Saving my running for the race and the pool is closed all weekend - a meet, I think.

Sat: Nothing again. Doug had a tournament so unless I was to brave the cold for a walk, I was SOL.

Totals: 2,000 yds swimming, 55.44 miles biking, 8.65 miles run/walking. I think the knee could be that I've adjusted my bike seat too high so I'll be moving it back down tomorrow. I won't run again until the race on Thursday but my goal is to run the whole thing. I'd really like to break 2 hrs, but that is a really long shot given my current joint condition.


Dorothy Gould said...

Thanks for the insider info on the Pink Pig. Like you, I have been saying "oh yeah, we should do that this year....", now maybe we will. Great pictures of the girls, they look like they are having a blast.

Good luck on Thanksgiving. The one time I did run the Half ('95) I broke 2 hours by 3 me, you can do it, you have trained way harder than I ever did!

Nat said...

We do the Pink Pig and see the Lenox Santa every year. I like having the same Santa in pictures.

And I think it is I who is the anchor judging from the mph mon vs wed ;)

Psst Stop sandbagging.

Wes said...

LOL @ Nat... You two crack me up. I'll see at the race! If you are going to for a sub-2, it won't be for long though ;-)

Tara said...

I didn't know I could ride the pig too! Looks like a fun day!

Tara M. said...

We had a great time. My child is never that well behaved. It must have been Annika's sweetness that rubbed off on her.

Karen said...

That sounds like a great training week... I need to start moving my butt so I could be so proud to post something similar ;o)