Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let's Talk About Sex

Just because she hasn't eaten anything other than Cheerios in three days (not even Greenwoods pie at our first family visit there), Dagny has the low-fuel crabbies and is screaming at Annika and me. "I STOOOOPPPPP CRYYYYYYIIIIINNNNNNNG" and "I WAAAAAANNNNNT BREAAAAAAAAKFAAAAASSSSSSST" while she pushes her milk and Cream of Wheat away. Good times.

In the meantime, Annika and I have the following conversation:

"Have Sex, Have Sex, Haaaavvvvve Seeeeeeeex"

"Have Sex?"

"Yes - Have Sex!" "Haaaavvve Seeeeeex, Haave Seeeex, Haaaaavvvvve Seeeeeeeex!"


"Have! Sex!"

"Sex?" Thinking, 'holy cow - shouldn't have let her play with the older girls yesterday afternoon.'

"Yes, Sex. Look at my feet"

"OK" Looks under table at feet where Annika's socks are halfway off of her feet.

Half. Socks.



Emily said...

That's hilarious! I bet you were dreading that conversation! I just had a traumatic flashback of being stuck in the car while mom decribed what it meant that some cows were being trasported for "mating"

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, While reading this post I was cringing for you, but also looked forward to reading how you handled the subject, and what wisdom you imparted to Annika. Too bad for me it turned out to be nothing but socks. Very funny!

Nat said...

mmmm Greenwoods chocolate pie. . .

hehe, half socks . . .

Wes said...

Woo hoo! I'm all for that...oh, socks :-( LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I was visiting Tom/Dot in Roswell when my oldest(now 17) was 18 months. He was looking out their sunroom window and said 'Mommy, fox!'. Unfortunately it came out sounding like 'Mommy, f..k!'. Of course whatever siblings were there, probably Dor and Mike way before they had kids thought this was hilarious and urged him to repeat it... Ha, now it's my turn to teach their kids something... Mary

Karen said...

That is funny and lightened my mood somewhat from a 2 hour traffic jam I got stuck in this morning! Thank you :oD

Tara said...

Love it! Half socks.

Jarrett Meyer said...

Wow. That'll get my attention when that headline comes through my feed reader.


Sarah said...

I love this. Love it. I remember riding in the car with my mom one time and she kept telling me to remind her to get gas. So I saw a station and yelled out 'Mom, Gas!' and she kept saying 'Guess What?'. Over and over until she finally realized. No where near as fun as 'half socks', but still. ;)

So cute!