Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Me

This morning at breakfast, Annika wiped her marscapone cheese covered mouth on her sleeve AGAIN. We've been working hard at using actual napkins instead of our arms, our sleeves, our bibs, etc. "Annika!" I exclaimed, "do you know why I'm mad at you?"

"Because I fed my breakfast to the dog?

"Um, no . . . but that was wrong too."

Since no one will be checking my blog BEFORE they go trick-or-treating tonight, here is the sneak preview photo. Both girls are napping and we are starting dinner now. Brace yourself.


Wes said...

LOL. Smart kid. Deflected you like a professional :-) Have fun!!

Dorothy Gould said...

I feel your pain. Sophie would be in heaven if we had a dog, but me, not so much. Great costumes, how did your trick or treat go?

Nat said...

Aww, cute pictures. And see now you too will have a kid that is smarter than you.