Friday, October 26, 2007

That's [NOT] the Way I Like It

First, here are some photos from the Higginbotham's annual Halloween party last week. Thanks to Lotzie and Mrs. Lotzie for the costume assistance. The photos are of Doug and John in swashbuckling glory and Jerry, who looks suspiciously like Jack Sparrow. I never knew that pirates wore eyeliner, but it's very becoming. Anyway, the party was lovely and we had a great time despite having to bail to relieve our sitter at 11.

But the other, what I don't like . . . there is no other way to say this, except I'M A DUMBASS. And that's not the way I like it. Here are the weekly totals, I'll explain later. So frustrated:

Sun: 2,200 yard swim in the afternoon. 200 w/u, 2 x 1,000 I should have biked but was tired from Saturday's long run and my unending phlegm. Sorry to co-opt Sunday's space, but Saturday's run was 10.39 miles in 88 minutes. Whoo hoo!! : ) I think that is 8:28 min/mile pace - I listened to my tunes and ran fast because of the great music. That new Foo Fighters song rocks. Seriously, it rocks. I love the Foo Fighters.

Mon: approx 30 mile torture otherwise known as the recumbent bike in 1 hr 54 min. That is about a 15-16 mph average for the hill plan x2 at level 6. The recumbent bike at our workout room sucks. I have a giant bruise on my back from the seat and my arms are sore from holding the handles. They don't have a regular bike in there. And this may have contributed to the big problem.

Tues: 3.03 miles in the hood at 8:50 pace. First mile was slow and the other two were in the 8:25 range. Again, contributors.

Wed: 31.11 mile bike around Roswell at 14.3 mph in the cold rain. First, don't try to bike on an early release day. Bus drivers are almost as scary and disregarding of the law as people in Cadillacs. Nat was running so I was cold and lonely. Still, biking in the rain is better than that recumbent shit. Next time, I'll just swim or run - I was so dirty that I had to shower before picking the girls up from school.

Thurs: 4.77 mile run in the flats at 8:31 pace. I felt good on this run and would have gone further but I ran out of time. I couldn't be late for work because of all of the meetings about the big report. I was nervous about not getting to 20 miles this week but figured I would swim Friday and do my long run on Saturday before the Habitat for Humanity project (with work). However, on my way into the office, I noticed a twinge in my right knee - the original bad knee.

Fri: 2,300 yard swim in about 45/50 minutes. 200 w/u, 100 time trial, 4 x 500. This was a lovely swim and I practiced actually kicking from the hip after reading about having good swim form in my Triathlete's Training Bible. OK, not really on the lovely part. It didn't start getting lovely until the 3rd 500 and I think that was because I was loopy from dehydration. A third swim team is now practicing at this pool for the winter so the pool was rougher, but that was kind of neat in a strength-building way. My knee hurt the whole time. It still hurts now.

Sat: Planned to do my long run (to 11 miles!), but now I will be making muffins for my girls instead. Did you know that marscapone cheese just tastes like butter? I was expecting a taste sensation when I bought it to put on some other muffins, but no - it's delightfully creamy, but not flavor-ific. Disappointing.

Totals: 4,500 yards swimming, 61+ miles biking, 7.82 miles running. From my friend the internet, I have deduced that my knee pain is probably tendinitis. A stress fracture is unlikely so my guess is that the odd exercise on Monday, together with hours of sitting criss-cross-applesauce working on my giant work report this week caused a flare-up. SIGH! See what happens when you write (or even think) about the glass being half-full or even on a filling trend? The universe kicks you in the ass - or the knee.


Wes said...

Another great week! All of your work outs are hard core. Luv it :-) Sorry, I missed the part about you being a dumbass. Guess I'm not that bright ;-)

Emily said...

what were you for the halloween party?

Steph Bachman said...

It was a pirate party, so I was a pirate too.