Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm Looking Up

This week started out crappy, but things are [getting better] I can feel it.

How's that for two song lyrics in a row?

I'm really a glass half-empty kind of girl. Why not just assume and prepare for bad stuff so that there will not be big disappointment or crisis later? So, with all of the stuff going on, it was looking bleak.

Sunday, I felt like ass (we're all still fighting the phlegm over here), so I didn't feel like biking and everyone was nervous about my Dad's cancer surgery on Monday. Monday, it rained so I had to go indoors to work out/relieve stress/maintain sanity. I hate indoors. Uncle D's doc appointment for his prostate cancer was scheduled for Tuesday. My yearly reporting project at work has moved forward (or doubled, depending on how you look at it) to October from end of the year. We will now do the report after October and then update it for year-end. Today it rained and I got really wet and cold on my bike. All of these things were pretty crappy, but look how they are turning out OK . . .

Dad's surgery went fine and his pathology report was great - only 2% involved and nothing on the edges. For those of you who have not yet experienced cancer, this is a very good thing. He's home now and feeling not too bad, considering. Uncle D's appointment is actually on Friday - ooops. Good father/son bonding on the not-really-an-appointment day.

I have realized that there is no need to bike just because it is usually a biking day for me. If the weather is crappy, I can swim or run. Grammy also reminded me today that I can take her with me when I swim. Instant swim buddy!

The work project has actually gone OK so far. I've been up late the past two nights and have a bunch of meetings to get through tomorrow and then the updating/creation of the report after month end, but it's not been the hair-pulling-out, desk-pounding ordeal of last year. I really did pull my own hair in frustration last year.

And, it's raining! There is water in the creek again.

At this rate, the housing market should be turning around any time.

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Wes said...

Yes! Rain is a good thing :-) Brightened my week consirably!!! Means I don't have to move out of the state anytime soon! Glad to hear things are progressing well on the "C" front. Good luck with your project!

Making adjustments is part of the fun, eh?

(I'm trying to throw a few more discombobulated thoughts in here somewhere ;-)