Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rocket Girl

I'm tired and it's late and I should be doing work. But, Nat requested the bike blog so who am I to disappoint? And, here are some lovely photos of my sweet girls.

Monday, I rode solo from the school. Nat had a flat and rather than watching the Vulcan Bike Wizard, she used her powers of persuasion to get the Roswell Bikes guys to fix her tire on the spot. It usually takes them a week for me. "That's because your skirt wasn't short enough," she said. Is that wrong? To use a little leg to get fast bike work? I recall that the bike dudes were mighty helpful when I showed up in my bike clothes. Hmmm. Must remember this theory next time I want assistance.

Anyway, Monday I did the usual tour of Roswell near Nat's folks and had planned to loop back to do the Bike Roswell route and then go through the land of hills to the neighborhood where I get lost and then home to my car. I was aiming for 30 miles. However, there was a flagman on Jones Road. I was not too delayed by the flagman, but drivers freak out when there is a flagman, so I decided to avoid them rather than braving their insanity three times and head backwards through the hills and past my house since I was running low on water anyway. Whee! Those hills were awesome in reverse. My top speed was 34.9 mph but it felt like I was going way faster. However, on the way to my house, another flagman! Drat. I breezed into my driveway, filled up with the hose (no keys on me, because they are in my car) and continued on my way. It was really hot. I drank 3 bottles of water during 1 hr 4X mins of biking and was parched. I had planned to do the 30 miles but I realized after about mile 20 that I was too loopy to do 30 miles. One Cliff shot and a Nuun tablet in one of my bottles was not enough fuel for nearly two hours of riding, even with a good breakfast. Lesson learned. So, I ate a Soyjoy bar (a remnant of some long-ago race that was in our junk drawer) and drove to Target to get the t-shirt for Dagny's school project that I had forgotten to buy the many times I was at Target over the weekend. Refreshed, I had time to try out a new 5K route before it was time to pick-up the girls. Next time, I'll fuel better and run first because the other moms thought my copious sweating was a little gross. I'm not the hit of the preschool crowd because I'm always there in my bike stuff - I think the ladies find it intimidating.

Anyway, on Wednesday the allergies hit. I ate a mini Cliff bar (another schwag remnant from the junk drawer) on the way to school and hit the road after dropping off the girls. I thought I might go down by the river to see how it felt to do my 30 miles in the flats. Once I got there, I went down Wileo to the bike lanes and just kept on going. My head was getting stuffy from snuffling all of the snot so that it didn't run out of my nose. Did I remember a kleenex? No! The phlegm showed no signs of abating - it just got worse. There was more snot than I could wipe on my sleeve. "What the heck," I thought, "all of the real bikers can make snot rockets - why not me?" So, my whole ride, I practiced whenever my nose started to run. I left a trail of boogers. Yes, I still got a bunch on myself (maybe because I didn't try the across-the-body-blow recommended by the article) but no one seemed to notice later. Good thing snot blends into road dirt. Bike gurus (Colin?) - if there are magic secrets to this art, please fill us in.

I passed the river and kept going on Wileo right on past the Nature Center and the water treatment plant. The road turned into Lower Roswell. Pretty soon, I knew I was getting close to Mark and Robin's house. Could I ride all the way there? Why not? It was a little dicey getting there because the cars on Lower Roswell are fast, but I made it and waved as I did a turn around in their cul-de-sac. Hi Mark and Robin! It's way more fun to ride with a destination in mind. : ) I'll ride back there again. Maybe they wouldn't mind if I used their hose. Then, I went back the same way (downhill this way!) and turned down Riverside to enjoy a fast trip on those bike lanes. I am fairly sure that I saw the 64 year old guy from the 2 Bridges Race twice on this part of the ride. He's still kicking my ass. Because I still had the climb back to school to worry about, I didn't venture up the Eves hill. I ate two gels on this trip (at 45 mins and 1.5 hrs) and that was plenty. I hardly got loopy at all. My legs did get tired though and that caused me to fall over when I forgot to downshift when turning onto Shallowford from Pine Grove. Oops. I got one foot unclipped, but couldn't shake the other so down I went. Luckily no one saw. I nearly fell twice more trying to get shifted into an appropriate gear - my legs were jello. Next time, I'll downshift before turning. And if that doesn't work, I'll dismount and shift into a decent gear by hand. I almost passed a guy on Shallowford, though. Whoo Whooo! I followed him all the way up Wileo gaining slowly as we struggled up the hill and would probably have passed him close to the end of Shallowford (unless he decided to race me, which would have left me in the dust) but he pulled over to take a pee and I never saw him again after that.
So, next week, we have lots of new places to ride. If I can ride out to Mark and Robin's house, then we can definitely make it to the Big Peach to return those shirts that I've been carrying around for the past month. I need some new shoes anyway.


Wes said...

Great pics! Nice ride too :-) I kinda miss not having a nice place to ride like the river in my neck of the woods. Hills, hills, hills!

As far as the snot rocket goes, TMI, TMI :-)

BTW: I tried that thing with the shorts at the bike shop. It didn't work for me! LOL....

Lotzie said...

Hey Stephie, I get tired doing that route in my car, much less a bike.

Feel free to use our hose. Better yet, let us know the next time you're heading down our way and we'll leave a bottle of water on the front porch along with some Kleenex (we have plenty).

Nat said...

Okay, officially jealous now. I was hoping to get a bike in today but damn work got in the way. I think I was just not meant to ride this week.

And no, there is nothing wrong with showing off the goods if it makes things easier and gets stuff done. If you are going to be objectified why not get something out of it for yourself?

Rocket Girl! I love it!

Colin said...

Steph, I can't believe you've been female your whole life. You didn't know that showing a little leg got you perks at the bike shop? Unzip your jersey a little and they might throw in a free Luna bar with the repair...

Practice makes perfect on snot rockets. You can even practice when you don't have snot. Just remember, when you turn your head to the side, you need to look up a little as well so you're not just blowing the snot onto your knee.

Oh, and I've got some good news for you. That guy who you almost caught on the hill but didn't because he pulled over to pee? He didn't really pull over to pee. He pulled over "to pee" so he could avoid getting passed by a girl.

Emily said...

dude, you are such a badass!
My bike got stolen yesterday due to faulty garage door.
Sucks super hard.
On the look out for theif with red bike with rooster tail fender.