Saturday, October 13, 2007

Photo Catch-Up

Here are some representative photos from the last few months. In the first one, the girls are dressed-up to go to my folks' house for a party (4th of July, maybe?). The second is a mug shot of Annika on her first day of school. Next is Dagny on her first day - note the school bag, which you cannot pry out of her hands even though she can barely lift it. The last photo is the reason our markers are now stored high, high, high in the pantry. No writing on your sister!
The delayed photo show is because I finally figured out how to move photos from our camera into the new computer. There is a place to plug the card from the phone in - right on the front of the computer! Convenient! Now I know how everyone else can upload so many photos because it's easy! Sometimes technology is my friend.
Here's the weekly stats:
Sunday: nada, unless you count the many flights of stairs in preparation for Dagny's party
Monday: 27.98 mile bike at 15.5 mph, 3.18 mile run at 9:14 pace
Tuesday: 4.05 mile run in the hood at 9:01 pace
Wednesday: 31.22 mile bike at 16 mph
Thursday: 5.1 miles at 9.04 pace; frustrating meeting with the shysters at LA Fitness to discuss whether Doug, Grammy and I are willing to pay a king's ransom to swim in their pool. The dude I was scheduled to see was not there and the price magically increased and was suddenly per person and not per family. Jerks.
Friday: Too much wine, cheese and steak for my own good. Our friends Bill and Tricia came for dinner and we stayed up until after midnight. Bill is the best dinner guest ever - he eats mass quantities of whatever you make and tells you it is good (even if it isn't). This dinner actually was really good, though, because Doug made it and he knows steak. Next time we'll have to do the steaks with the leeks and vinegar syrup.
Saturday: 8.54 miles at 9.26 pace. As Nat has said before, sometimes the hangover run is a good thing. It was 50 degrees this morning - delightful! It took all I had to get my butt out of the bed on 4 hours of sleep but I did it.
Totals: no swimming, 58.70 miles biking, 20.87 miles running. YES! I got to 20 miles this week at last! I ran out of time but could probably have done another 2 miles to get to 10, but there is always next week.


Nat said...

You kicked ass this week. We are in reverse.

Hey, btw, are you training for anything specific? Half at Thanksgiving or just doing whatever til something comes up?
Com'on, I knows you've got a plan. Yous always got a plan.

Steph Bachman said...

Not really. Just the half and maybe maybe maybe the whole at ING in March.

However, definitely some Olympic-length tris in the spring and maybe the SC race we discussed in October.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Love the marker pictures, Dagny doesn't look like it bothered her much at all. Your training is impressive. Whenever I see a biker, I always check to see if it might be you. :)

michelle h said...

You know how to make some pretty daughters, Steph (despite Doug's genes.) ;)