Saturday, October 20, 2007


Halloween is coming up. We've been ghosted and ghosted others in return. This is a Halloween tradition in which someone leaves candy and a ghost-shaped note on your doorstep and runs away. You are then obligated to post the ghost on your door and return this favor to two others who have not yet posted ghosts.

On Thursday, we went to ghost my parents and Grammy. I made sure that the bag contained lots of Heath bars (Grammy's favorite) while the girls made beautiful ghost drawings to put inside. Annika made a rainbow ghost and we aren't sure what Dagny drew. She only ruined two markers during this process, though, so it was a win. Anyway, after we got to mom and dad's house, we placed the bag on the porch (hastily removing Dagny's teddy bear from it on the way down the steps as she howled in protest), rang the doorbell and hid behind the car in the driveway. My dad, who had miraculously been alerted to be on the lookout for ghosting children, opened the door and started his "wow am I ever surprised, someone left me some candy!" routine. Dagny could contain herself no longer. "PAPAAAAA!" she yelled as she broke free of my arms and ran up to the porch. When you are two, some things are more important than a surprise.

I have a teaser photo of the girls in costume, but I think it would be cheating to post it before the big day.

In other news, I haven't yet done my long run. Doug talked me out of going at dark-thirty this morning by swearing that I will have time to go this afternoon. It could be the coffee, but I'm completely jittery about not having done my run yet. What if something comes up? What if lunch doesn't agree with me? So, anyway, here is the weekly rundown in anticipation of the run this afternoon:

Sun: Rest - bagged the bike ride because it got too late to go and I thought I'd get to go on Monday.

Mon: 4.08 mile run at 8:38 min/mile pace. Dagny was sick so I missed my bike with Nat in the morning. I thought I would go in the afternoon (Doug was home) but Dagny wasn't napping well and I didn't want to open the door (it beeps) and wake her. Turns out that she didn't sleep anyway. Rats.

Tues: 5.09 miles in the hood at 8:32 min/mile pace. Last week's runs were all at 9 min pace. Doug remarked that I was going slow so I went faster this week - not sprinting but pushing it more.

Wed: 30.69 mile bike at 14.9 mph. This includes the time on hold with the school and subsequent phone call to Doug to let him know it was OK to drop the girls off after their flu shots. Doug needed his shot too so he had doc duty. Upshot, I actually rode faster than 14.9. I did fall over, though, after swerving to go over the sensors as I stopped at a stoplight. Oops. I'm sure the driver of the car on the other side of the intersection thought it was hilarious. Lotzie, I did bring kleenex on this ride and it wasn't enough - rockets will have to be mastered. I think Colin might be right about the looking up (says the woman with snot on her legs).

Thurs: 2,200 yard swim in 40-ish minutes. I think. I did a 200 w/u and either three or four 500s. Since it took more than 40 minutes, I'm guessing it was 4 500s. This was my first swim at the "real" pool with lights and people swimming next to me. SO much fun. Nat and I will have to do this some day when it is too wet or cold for biking. I raced the guy in the lane next to me on the 3rd (or 2nd) 500. He was wearing baggy shorts and didn't flip-turn, but he was still pretty fast, so I thought I'd try to stay with him. This was on about lap 15 of the 20 after I had adjusted my googles for the millionth time. He sped up, so I thought "game ON!" and turned it up a notch. He sped up more. With a giant grin on my face, I started kicking and hitting the gas in laps 17-19. Whoo hoo - I love to swim!!! Lap 20, I went all out. We were neck and neck. I stretched out my arm to out-touch him (swim team trick), but when I lifted my head, he was out of the pool and heading to the shower room. I was all ready to have the post-swim bonding that Nat says is common at the pool. He must have been intimidated by my googles. I didn't even get to tell him thanks for the race or the great pacing.

Fri: 3.18 miles in the hood at 8:30 pace. Just putting some miles in the bank because of my long run on Sat. Since there have been attacks on joggers in the nearby area recently, I was especially watchful on this run. I passed three walkers and three joggers, not counting Dale - who jogged past my house while I was taking out the dog. I love our neighborhood.

Sat: Hopefully 9 miles at 10:00 pace. You never know how the body will hold up and I'm a little stiff (which is why I should have already run because I wouldn't have been awake enough to notice the stiffness), but maybe I could even go longer than that. Emily is keeping the girls for us on Thanksgiving morning so I get to do the 1/2 with Doug. : )

Totals: 2,200 yards swimming; 30.69 miles biking; est. 21.35 miles running. Cross your fingers for the running.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Cute about Dagny and the Boo-ing. How nice that your Dad played along, bet Annika got a big kick out of it as well. Glad your training is going well...I am still exercising vicariously through you and Nat!

Wes said...

I pretty much run every Tuesday and Thursday within an hour of dinner. I've run my miles sloshing around the strangest stuff :-) Love the idea of ghosting!!

Nat said...

Okay, Yeah that you and Dougles are doing the half. Can we carpool--or are you staying downtown?

And great week.

That Dags and her Papa are so cute.

Did you get in your long run?