Sunday, October 28, 2007


Wes mentioned that I wasn't very clear in my last post about how, exactly, I was/am a dumbass.

There are many ways, but the one I'm most upset about is injuring my knee. It still hurts, even just walking around. I have no idea what caused the problem except Thursday's run in my shoes that have approximately 270/300 miles on them. Still, with my optimistic training goals and increasing stress level, this is not the time to be punking out my knee because I'm too lazy and cheap to get to the store.

In other news, today I took Grammy and both girls to church. Dagny made it quietly (mostly) until the homily (the preaching part, for you non-Catholics), at which point she took a trip to the other end of our row to visit a young girl down there. She also tried to escape me and run screaming with laughter back into the church after we left. Good times. Annika was really good, though, and went to children's liturgy and sat with Grammy after I had to remove Dagny. Annika is a good girl.


Wes said...

LOL. I hardly think that qualifies you as a dumbass. 270-300 miles is still on the low side.

I like Dagny more and more :-)

Steph Bachman said...

I thought it was low, which is why I wasn't in such a big hurry to get to the store. Harumph!