Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Circle of Life

We love the Lion King over here but that is not my topic.

Today, I took a rest day. Sure, I got up at 5 when Doug got up for his ride, but I had breakfast, paid the bills and surfed the internet until the girls got up. We went to church (just Annika, Grammy and me - Dagny stayed with Nana/Papa) and then hung out with my folks for a couple of hours. Then, more bill-paying and tidying. Our house is a complete disaster. I worked out 800 hours last week and that does not lead to a clean house. Then, I accidentally booby-trapped the fridge yesterday so that it avalanched on Doug prior to dinner last night. Ooops.

So today I decided that I would just walk. I sucked my dad into the plan until he realized that it was ridiculously hot and my sister might just stay at his house and hang out with him. So, instead of loading Annika up and heading to the Leita for a walk, I basked in the air conditioning and tidied up our office. I filed, I paid bills, I backed the computer up (it had been a YEAR!), I checked on Jen at Ironman Lake Placid. I watched the Hoyts on the Ironman website, which made me cry. Doug made an awesome dinner and I felt guilty for taking the day off.

Even though I did my 30 mins. I still felt guilty.

That is not right.

Anyway, after dinner, we leashed up the dog and went for a walk. Around the side of our house is an oak tree. This tree had serious caterpillars last year and I noticed an area where the leaves were eaten. Aghast, I went over to take a look. Those bastards had eaten up a whole limb, but I found them. Instead of sacrificing the one branch to the creek like I had planned, Doug carefully twisted it off and carried it with us on our walk.

We skipped the "over the dam" portion of the walk and went over the bridge instead.

So that we could drop the caterpillars one by one (or by the leaf, if you are Dagny) into the creek to the waiting mouths of the hungry fish. Don't you worry. Those caterpillars didn't feel a thing. The fish snapped them up almost before they hit the water.

Two birds. One stone.

So to speak.


Kevin said...

Sounds like a great rest day.

Camille said...

Guilty?! Gimme a break. Good goin with the caterpillars. Serves them right!

Dorothy Gould said...

Caterpillars give me the creeps. I am glad the fish enjoyed them.