Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Love the Waffle House

So, if you've been at work today, you've probably been forwarded a link to the Gwinnett Post article about the couple that got married at the Waffle House in Dacula - you know, the lone Waffle House that used to sit all by itself in between the turnoff for Hwy 78 in Winder and Athens. Dutifully, I followed the link and read the article after someone sent it to me.

Instead of the amusement and derisive laughter that I heard from down the hall, it made me feel sad. How nasty of the reporter to write a story about this couple's marriage and spin it to make fun of them. I hope they have a long and happy life together and make lots of money at that Waffle House now that they are famous. If you go by there, leave them a big tip.

In happier news, the girls had a blast at Nana and Papa's house while Doug and I drove to Chattanooga for the BMW Chattanooga Waterfront Triathon on Sunday. We had a great time even though we did not post personal bests at this distance. It was a beautiful and well-organized race, even though mother nature threw a wrench (or a big bucket of water) into the works. Here is a link to my BT race report. It was great to see all of the internet (Wes, Kevin and Sarah) and NAMC friends at the race. We had to leave pretty early to pick up the girls, but got to see almost the whole race and it was great to have so many peeps there.

Next up, GA Veterans Sprint race in Cordele. Possibly also the Hansgrohe Women's Sprint in Acworth.


JoeVic said...

I agree with you about the reporter,,,,,,but I'm just glad they had the wedding there and not the honeymoon. :)

Wes said...

It was good to see you and Doug, Steph! Thanks for the kind words too. I always find it sad if humor is made at someone else's expense. I'm glad you feel that way too.

Kevin said...

Definitely was a great race. Now I am so ready for the SC half to get here

Charlie said...

Way to go for you and Doug! Great race considering the conditions.

Congratulations on a fine race!

Jarrett said...

Mmmmmm.... waffles. :)