Friday, July 25, 2008

Ta Daa!

Dagny had her last day of camp today. They got medals and got to stand on a podium with them to say "Ta Daaaa" to their friends. Some of the kids were bashful, but not our Dagny. She raised both arms high in the air and yelled "TAA DAAAA" - I could hear her out in the hallway. Gotta love her.

So, yesterday, before our ride I asked Natalie how she got the RSS feed on her blog.

Once upon a time someone wrote "RSS feed. Get one." in the comments here. I don't know who it was but it was a little upsetting. I asked around but no one fessed up and no one explained what an RSS feed was. Then, Nat asked Anne about it on the mom's board. When Anne explained about the RSS feed and the Google Reader a few months back, I did what any good student would do. I checked on my Google and found the "wiki" for RSS feeds. After about two hours of reading, I learned way more than I ever wanted to know about feeds. The long and short of it was that I needed to set up my feed by (1) figuring out my feed address (different from the blog address), (2) uploading said feed link to my blog with some more involved code, and then (3) adding the orange satellite-looking thing or some other icon. There was some sort of debate about the merits of Atom v. RSS feeds. I don't remember which was better.

Anyhow, I ran out of free time that day and did not start the long and involved process.

When Nat explained last night that she just added the icon in the Blogger "Layout" menu, I was sure that was too easy. Not with all of the complicated strings of letters that I read about.

Yeah, so, I was wrong again. The Google folks had already done all of the legwork and code-copying for me. All I had to do was add the feed from the "Add Page Elements" menu. Easy Peasy. AND, it would have been easy to add all of the blogs that I read to my Google Reader with one simple button if I had filled the reader first. Alas, no. I created the blogroll (instead of the link list) first so I had to fill the reader manually. Oops.

But it's done and I'm back in the technology. Enjoy the feeding.

In other news, Annika and I did the ritual new shoe shopping and backpack buying today after the school supply shopping on Wednesday. She is getting pretty darn excited about kindergarten.

I, however, am nervous about the kindergarten. And, the 5.5 hours I slept last night was not enough and I am paying the crabby bill today. GRRR.

Oh, and, Jerry has decided that he wants to do the Kiawah Island Marathon in December. So, Doug, Joe, Kendra and I are joining him. Anyone else up for some lowcountry on December 6? That means that we will miss the Holiday Extravaganza at Annika's school, but I think it will be OK this year. Next year, though, we'd better be there.


Wes said...

We'll have you writing software in no time! After meeting Dagny at Iron Girl, I would NOT have been surprised that she is not shy!!!

Dorothy Gould said...

Hey Steph, I love the RSS feeds, now I can check you and Anne in one look. Kindergarden is an adjustment, no doubt about that, Knowing what I do of Annika, I can tell she will do great. My best advice is cut her some slack in the afternoons. Sophie was beat by the time she got home, and prone to falling apart at the slightest thing. Her teacher told me by Christmas it would all come together and she was right. It really was a fun year!

Charlie said...

Hey Ms Stephanie, I like your feed too!...But...don't like it telling me that it's been over three weeks since my last blog entry...oh my!

Was thinking of doing Kiawah. You're doing the full...will it be your first full marathon?