Friday, July 11, 2008

I Don't Care Anymooorrre

I love Phil Collins.

Anyway, this morning after I paid the bills and made the lunches and cleaned up the breakfast, I suited up to ride and took the girls to camp. After I dropped Annika off (Dagny was first), I made a quick pitstop at the potty.

Where I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

You know how there are good mirrors? This was a bad one.

And, my relatively-see-thru "Team Bachman" bike jersey was clinging to and lifting up to expose my "expanded to hold a human being twice" belly that was poking out over my pink bike shorts which are not low-rise. Note to the ladies, low rise are WAY more flattering to the post-childbirth belly and they don't press on the tummy to irritate the GI.

I did a double-take and mental "UGH!", finished my business in that room, hopped on my bike (time was limited because there was only 2.5 hrs between drop-off and pick-up time), and zoomed away.

Quick aside: while I loaded my gear onto my bike, I noticed lots of moms and dads dropping off their kids and donning their i-pods for a run. It was really cool. I always wonder why none of the parents that drop kids off to swim at 6am at the pool ever stay to swim. None do. Ever. It's really weird because I would be all over that.

Anyway, while I rode I decided that I didn't care if my gut was hanging out, it was a nice day and I was going to have a good bike. Who gives a crap what anyone thinks about my attire or the fact that I always drop my kids off for school/camp without showering and return to pick them up covered in sweat and dirt. They are just jealous of the fun.

I had an awesome ride (27 miles at 15.25 avg mph and 78 avg cadence) and run (20 mins at 9:10 pace) even if I did have to stop for a potty break. It was either the Accelerade or my tummy is still angry from yesterday. Regardless, the endorphins are flowing well today and all is right with the world. Doug has just announced that we will be having Taco Mac for dinner. I'll be having the nachos and carb-loading with some lovely frosty beverages.


Jarrett said...

Awesome workouts! Maybe I need to start tagging on a 20-minute run to the end of my cycling or swimming.

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Great job on the brick. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow night at the pre race dinner

JoeVic said...

We went to Taco Mac tonight too.
I was bad, but not too bad.

Vic needed a night out, so I gave in. :)

Dogwood Girl said...

Girl, I was thinking how GREAT you looked in Nat's Ptree pics - Funny, though, because I was running yesterday afternoon in the only shirt i had with me (i was at sister's) and my pooch was hanging out.

Charlie said...

Have a great race tomorrow Ms Stephanie!

You're going to do great!