Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In the Map

Here is my official race report on BT, but let me just say that the 5K race was awesome. Lake Chatuge is beautiful, the water felt good and I enjoyed the whole experience. I finished, I wasn't last and I finished in under two hours. My super-secret goal was 1 hr 45 minutes - I didn't make that (only 9 minutes off) but I think I could come close to that if I did the race again.

I met some neat folks and it turned out that we all finished within about 2 minutes of each other. I guess hanging around in your bathing suit is self-leveling. In some ways, I'm disappointed that I swam the full 5K ahead of time because it took some of the suspense out of the race. There was no "maybe I won't make it" and no "wow, it will be tough to get to the finish before I run out of energy". Then again, it was a good feeling to be out there in the middle of the lake and have confidence in the knowledge that I could do the distance and not worry about the fact that I was completely alone and there were no boats within 200 yards of me. The boats were continually circling around to keep track of us and make sure we were on course but they weren't always within easy reach.

It was really hard to navigate in the lake. Because I'm so terrible with directions, when following a map I have to turn it in the direction of travel to know whether to turn right or left. Doug and I call that "getting in the map." However, in this race I really was "in the map". I think I'd do better with navigation if I were able to give the route another try - maybe even shave some time off. If anyone thinks about doing this race next year and is willing to practice to get comfy with the distance, I'd love to do the race with you.

In other news, I almost got run over this morning. A Honda Accord came up behind me so closely that my arm hairs got ruffled and I screamed. I knew the car was coming because I heard it but assumed (and you know what that means) that it would stay in the general vicinity of the correct side of the road and safely away from me since I was running facing traffic on the other side. Not so. I don't think I'll be going around the loop in that direction again for a while.

AND, as I started down the home stretch, the dog-walking ladies and I heard tires screech and a crash. A teenager had blasted through the stop sign at the dead end, jumped an earthen berm (and bushes) and hit a tree. The tree actually just stopped her because I think she lost a lot of speed going over the berm. So, I had a sprint to get to the neighbor's house to call the police and then some rest while we waited for the cops. As we waited with the clearly inebriated young girl, the neighbor and I were visibly uncomfortable (we didn't discuss this) with the fact that we were ratting her out. We didn't want her to leave until the cops came but we studiously avoided discussing the idea that we had brought the police into the picture and she was now in really big trouble. The kid wanted to walk up to her friend's house but we discouraged that idea. Should we have let her go (so she could possibly avoid prosecution for the DUI) or kept her waiting for the police with the car? I think I would have wanted my kid to face the consequences with the police but that is just me.


Wes said...

Hey Steph! Great job on the swim!!! I am super psyched for you. That swim will be on my radar until I get it done!!! Congrats on successfully swimming 3.1 miles and navigating the course :-)

Now, oh my freakin gawd... You almost got run over while running? Against traffic? from someone behind you? Did you get the license? That is like totally illegal in Georgia. Grrrr! I'm glad you are OK...

You couldn't actuallly make the girl stay and take responsibility for her actions, but, she needs to responsible for the damage she caused. What happens besides that is quite frankly none of our business. You did the right thing!!

I hear Doug is riding from the Bud Plant this weekend. Coolio! You coming?

Dorothy Gould said...


Awesome job on your race! That is crazy about the car almost running you over, I am so glad you are ok.

Re the teenager: You did the right thing. If that was my child, I would want her to face the consequences as well. There's not enough of that in parents today, in my humble opinion....

Kevin said...

Great job on the swim. That will definitely be on my radar for next year.

Good to hear you didnt get hit. Wow between that and the drunk girl! I am glad you are OK. You definitely did the right thing. She needs to learn it doesnt pay to drink and drive

JoeVic said...

You know you had total authority to keep that kid there for the cops. It's called a Citizens Arrest.
I would've sat my 250lbs on her before I let her leave.
If she were to get away with it, she would just do it again. I'd do the same with my kid.

Sorry about the near miss. I've seen 2 bicyclists in the last couple of months almost bite it due to idiots on the highway. I've done a lot of things in my life for which you could be called brave or couragous,,,,,but I personally would rather ride a stationary bike than get on the road in Atlanta.

Nat said...

Joe be wary. 2 years ago Steph and I said the same thing.

Steph, I am so impressed! Great job! Maybe next year. Hey, we could get matching syncronized swimming caps and work out a routine to perform mid swim. I mean if all those people are stopping to tread water why the heck can't we do a show.
I'll start thinking on our routine.

I totally would have called the police. This is your neighborhood. Where your kids play.

Sam said...

That is such a cool race. Way to go!

You did the right thing with the girl and may have saved a future life.

Dogwood Girl said...

I think you did the right thing. I mean, it sucks for her, but a good lesson to learn, not to mention that the tree could have been you, one of the walkers, or one of the dogs.

Also, was the accord different than the teen? That was hard to understand. Also hard to understand how some ass could almost hit you if you were running against traffic. I mean, that is seriously out of their lane if they almost hit you. Was it dark out?

Charlie said...

Awesome job on your swim! You did great Ms Stephanie...Congratulations!

Danielle said...

REALLY great job on the swim! I tried it 2 years ago, but DNF'd because I started to freak out when I realized that I was in the middle of the lake and there were jet skiis and boats around. Sounds like they have made improvements (we only had one boat for support and minimal buoys) I may try it again one day!