Saturday, June 28, 2008


So, I'm really nervous about my race tomorrow.

Big Props to all of the ladies who are doing Iron Girl at Lake Lanier tomorrow. Annika and I had a blast giving out shirts at the Expo today. It was so cool to see all of the excitement. We saw Wes and Dee Dee, Nora, Courtney, Harmony, Mrs. Jonathan, and Jamie C. Very fun to see all of the peeps.

And, Nat finished her 100 mile bike today - I'll let her tell the details, but it sounds like she did great.

Anyway, here is what I'll be doing tomorrow. And here is the map. I'm supposed to be down here printing out the map so that I can study it and have some hope at navigation tomorrow. My secret weapon is that Doug can paddle up to me and hit me on the head with his oar if I'm going the wrong way. Thank goodness that Jason mentioned that he paddled for his wife one year. It's really going to help knowing that Doug is out there watching out for me. And, since he is doing this big paddle, we get to eat an extra good dinner. : )

Seriously, though, I'm hoping that I'll be able to remember enough of the map details to judge my distance and position so that I can understand how far I've gone, where I'm supposed to go and most importantly - how much longer.

Despite what Nat has told me, it is highly likely that I will finish last. I'm OK with that because the whole point is to finish this endeavor - it's like a swim marathon for me. I'd really like to break two hours, though. I think it's do-able if I don't get lost and don't freak out. Cross your fingers.


Kevin said...

Shoot! I didnt even realize you were there. We were working packet puckup #400 and up from 930 to 130.Oh well. I guess we shall see each other in a few weeks at Chattanooga.

It also sounds like there may also be a blogger get together before the SC half

jasonaut said...

You won't finish last. You'll do great. I was really looking forward to "doing" (aka paddling along) this race again this year, but... stupid summer league finals (I mean, GO Brookwood Bullfrogs!). It's a blast, and it's all in your mind. Good luck. Kick ass.

Charlie said...

You'll do great Ms Stephanie!

I also doubt you will be anywhere near last...remember you have done more than this distance in practice.

Hope all goes well for you and you have fun!

Nat said...

You are crazy. I would not be surprised if you go sub 1:30 but knowing conservative you I think 1:45 is in the bag.

rest easy tonight. The water, the race, it will be there tomorrow. You will do great.

Only that could have made my ride better was if you had been there to do it with me. Sorry I am not there to swim with you tomorrow but you are going to rock it.

Stef said...

Wow I can't wait to read your race report. Got here from Kevin's blog.

3k seems a long way to swim (to me) but judging from these comments you will do great.

Best Wishes!

Charlie said...


Congratulations Ms Stephanie!

We told you you wouldn't be anywhere near last!

We need a race report!

PS...I peeked at the results! ;)