Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We Are the Champions

Here are the girls as we got ready for their first race at Team Ford of Alpharetta. It was sponsored by the dealership and Big Peach Running Company and The Bert Show on Q-100.

Then we stretched it out . . .

In addition to the race, there were jumpy castles, healthy food, drinks and face painting. I think the idea was for us to stay and play all day but that didn't work out for us because it was blazingly hot. It looks like The Bert Show is sponsoring a lot of these type of events with the local Ford dealerships - next one this weekend at Team Ford of Marietta.

Way to go, Bert Show.

We were late for the race (duh! what was I thinking?) and had to sprint across the parking lot (very big at a car dealership) and through the building to get to the start line. So the energy levels were not high and low fuel plus overheating = meltdown. Next time, we will get there early for a leisurely snack before the race.

This is the post-race jumpy castle. What more could a girl ask for? You can tell from here that Dagny isn't feeling like herself. No photo of Annika because she was pouting because of mom's "must wear socks in the castle" rule.

Immediately after the start, I started the video. I tried to get footage of both girls while they were running but Dagny ran approximately 25 yards and then walked before insisting that I carry her. She was OK on my shoulders so we caught up to Annika in time for the aid station. They had Fortis Water and Cliff Shots. Because fueling is very important in a 1/2 mile race, we stopped for both. The girls shared a chocolate Shot and each had their own cup of water. Annika took off again run/walking to the finish while I carried Dagny and the water.

Because we passed one family with several children (who may have stopped entirely) and everyone else was finished when we got there, Annika thinks we won. She rocks. Glass half-full, definitely.

Here are two really short videos from the race, in reverse-chronological order. In the first one, I'm trying to get video of Dagny running. In the second one, I tried to get both of them running while keeping up with them.

In other news, Dagny is still sick with the bottom flu so she hasn't been swimming yet but Annika is loving her "pre-team" and her clay camp.

And, look out world - next Thursday my office buddies and I are hitting the Leita trail at lunch for a run. We ran at the Oxbo trails yesterday and it was very nice. I'll be lucky not to have poison ivy but still, a run in the middle of the workday is still a found workout.

I'm still fatigued from the blood donation on Sunday so my workouts are sucking. This is disappointing because I always pooh-pooh those people who say that blood donation knocks them back. Hopefully, I'll be OK by Saturday for my long run.


Wes said...

There has never been cuter champions :-)

Kevin said...

Thats great that they are putting these races on . Those are 2 greta looking champs. Hope you feel better before saturday

JoeVic said...

Beautiful girls you have there.
I know, I'm an expert. :)

But I am depressed,,,,they can run farther than me.

Charlie said...

Way to go Annika and Dagny!

Looks like a fun time for all!

The O'Neill's said...

Girl.. You all rock now!
Love the pix and video. We are in Charlotte. Will be home Sunday. Hope to see you this week.