Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Time For Losers

My title is not a slam of anyone. I've just already used "We are the Champions" this month and this video is hilarous. As you can see, I took it in the car with my phone on the way back from Grammy/Grampa's RV where Dagny and Annika stayed while Doug and I did the race on Saturday. This is about the 50th time they sang the song so I'm sure you can imagine how cute it was the first few times and while I was trying to get my phone to record.

The West Point Lake Triathlon was awesome. I really enjoyed the longer distance of the swim and run. The bike, as Nat said, will have to come eventually. I had some dark days out there on the bike. I got all disoriented and discombobulated on the swim and then when I started the bike, I was too uncoordinated to get on the dumb thing without stopping completely. Then, once I finally got started, people passed me like I was not even moving. It was upsetting.

I did, however, manage NOT to drop my GU flask in this race so that is a PR right there. I mounted it backwards, but it is now affixed to my bike and works great.

But on the bike, I was in a funk. I couldn't understand why I was doing the race, what I had been thinking when I thought a triathlon was a good idea, why couldn't I just quit, oh no - my oatmeal might be coming back up, etc. I've never had that problem in a race before and not even much in training. Usually the race day adrenaline and endorphins just ease me right through the day. Not so this time. The first third of the bike was a real struggle for me.

Then, we got to the turn-around and the leaders came by. Well no wonder they passed me before - their arms in aero looked lilke they chiseled from marble. Very nice eye candy. And then, I got to wave to people and cheer for them. Way more fun than biking all by myself. I sang some "Ba-Wit-Da-Ba" and said "Whee" down some hills and then the bike was over.

The run started with the tummy issues but as soon as people started coming back at me, I was able to yell for them and it buoyed my mood. That and the knowledge that there were porto-potties available only about 600 stairs away. It's amazing how eliminating the danger of poison ivy on the bottom system will relax a person. So, I was able to avoid the potties and hold a pretty good run pace for the 10K. I'm really happy about that because my runs have been sucking lately.

So, next time. Hm. I don't know how to avoid the death spiral of negativity that happened to me on Saturday. Maybe I need to fuel better on race morning or wear my i-pod pre-race to "get in the zone." At least I'll be on guard for it next time.

Doug did awesome despite being "unmotivated" on the run and the bike. He still averaged over 20 mph so that is smoking fast. He beat me my 4 minutes!

In similar news, Sarah has a post up about what words you use to get through the hard times in a race. A lot of folks posted some really neat stuff. I, of course, do better with the bad words, angry metal or rap lyrics. Maybe it's a Napoleon complex or something.


Jarrett said...

Congrats on finishing the tri. My wife is signed up for her first tri in September. It's a little sprint tri, and she took her first trip to the pool last night. We're both really excited.

JoeVic said...

When I'm doing weights, I want Hard Rock. ( Van Halen, AC/DC) When I'm walking or running I want club dance mixes. (Amber, Traci Lords, Madonna)

Does that make me wierd? :)

Sarah said...

Sometimes the tougher words work, man. I run to Rap music sometimes. Ha. I think that you did a tremendous job. I totally understand the negativity. Isn't it amazing? We wouldn't talk to any of our tri friends that way, yet we'll say the craziest things to ourself.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Great job on your tri. I am so impressed with how dedicated you are, it is an inspiration to me. Also love the girl's video, nothing like singing in the car!

Kevin said...

Great job on the race. I was supposed to race that as one of my A races, but of course a business trip had to get in the way. Cute kids

Dogwood Girl said...

Awesome job, Steph. Remind me, was this your first Olympic? Anyway, I think it is just par for the course in competition to have a freakout or two. And it sounds like you got over it, so that is awesome. Big props to Doug, too!