Saturday, June 07, 2008

Might as Well Be Walking on the Sun

It's hot here folks. After my bike ride yesterday, I was pouring so much sweat that my eyes were filled and stung so badly that I couldn't see.

Today, the girls and I went to the mall. I loathe the mall, but it was a for a birthday party so off we went only a little late because I forgot to get the carseat out of Doug's car and had to stop to get it. Build-A-Bear is not a bad party, really, except that:
  1. I forgot the stroller and didn't have time to return home to get it once I remembered.
  2. Dagny wasn't invited to the party.
  3. None of the other moms shopped while the kids were in the party so we had to stay within earshot of the Build-A-Bear.
  4. Dagny likes to ride the escalator.
  5. Dagny thinks taking off to get on the escalator while Mommy sprints after her is a fun game.
  6. The mall is too much walking for Dagny so I had to carry her on my shoulders. A lot.
  7. The air conditioning in the food court was apparently broken.
  8. Annika took a miniature stuffed cat from the Build-A-Bear with her in the box with her party favor.
  9. Build-A-Bear doesn't explain to party guests what they get as part of the party so "mistakes" like this or wanting an outfit for the new doll are inevitable.
  10. Annika lost her marbles twice during the party, again when I told her we had to return the pilfered cat, and again while returning said cat.
  11. Dagny spilled her milk while we were taking a drink break on the way to the car - all over herself, the bench, the floor, and off the edge of the balcony to the floor below us.
  12. The car was blazing and we all almost exploded when we got in it.

It was a nice time to see Annika's school friends again, though, and I had a nice time talking to one of the other moms in between Dagny's escape attempts.

In other news, I finished watching "Little Miss Sunshine" this afternoon. Hilarious. I can't wait for Doug to watch so we can talk about it. This is a spoiler question, but did anyone think of "As I Lay Dying" when they were watching? Ripping off Faulkner for a road trip movie is not too shabby. And, the dance performance which does blatantly what beauty pageants do through gauze and flowers (and hairspray, apparently) is priceless. LOVE it.

In still other news, yesterday's bike was hill repeats in my neighborhood. It was actually pretty fun and I didn't suck nearly as much as I thought I would. I only averaged about 2 min slower than Doug which is HUUUUUGGGE for me.

And, it turns out that I have been swimming ridiculously more than necessary to prepare for my upcoming race. See, I did some conversion work and determined that approximately 1,800 yards = 1 mile. So, to practice for my 5K (3.1 mile) swim, I made 6,000 yards (3 miles) my long swim goal. It's a little long, but I had to account for that 0.1 mile and an open water swim is harder than the pool so I didn't think the extra few yards would hurt.

Fast forward to these past two weeks, when our pool switched the lanes to "long course" which means that they are now 50 meters long instead of 25 yards. Who cares, a meter is not much longer than a yard, right? I swam my usual 6,000 last week and this week - only, it was 6,000 meters instead of 6,000 yards. I was a lot slower, which irritated me because my workouts lately have all been very slow. Very frustrating.

So, I discussed this with Doug after I log my workout at BT and discover that 6,500 meters (I did the to 500 warm-up) is actually just over 7,100 yards. Oops. Then, I slowly came out of my elaborate conversion chart fog to realize that the 5K in my 5K swim means 5 thousand meters.

Duh. So, anything over that is purely overkill. Won't be swimming 6,000 meters any more.


JoeVic said...

I had to do a Build a Bear Bday party a couple of months ago. I think I did a post on it. I can only say this, it was better than a Chucky Cheese party.

The heat now is oppressive. I do not look forward to wearing my mask starting Wed.

Hey, you like turkish apricots?

Wes said...

LOL! Can't say your ain't ready to swim 3.1 miles :-)

Kevin said...

It has been a scorcher here. Sounds like you will be well prepared for the event

Dogwood Girl said...

"and off the edge of the balcony to the floor below us."

That just about killed me. You are gonna do great on the swim. And it seems to me that Jason parker's wife did a swim in Hiawassee one time?

Camille said...

had almost exactly the same experience with a recent Build-A-Bear party...good luck in the race-sounds like you've got the swimming part down!

Charlie said...

Looks like you are more than ready for that 5K swim. You'll get to the end of 3.1 miles and want to go another mile! You know you can do it! Great job on your training!