Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Going Back

This morning, after my run while I was full of cereal, coffee and endorphins, I registered for two races. These have been on the radar and in the plan, but now there is no turning back.

I also registered Doug. So no turning back for him either.

The olympic distance race in Chattanooga is do-able, I think. We will know in two weeks after the West Point Lake race. The half iron distance race in September. . . another thing entirely. I will have to get my bottom on the bike to get ready for that one. I'll be hopping on the trainer tomorrow during Dagny's nap because I don't think it's a good idea to ride on the road in the heat after I give blood. That's OK, I have a movie to watch and a BT friend lent me some spinervals DVDs.

It was, however, nice to see at least 10 people from Roswell/Alpharetta on the SC half-iron distance race participant list and Wes and Sarah on the Chattanooga list plus some other NAMC folks. Inexplicably, it made me feel calmer knowing there will be "peeps" there.

And, while I'm on a registering tear, anyone with suggestions for a good December/January marathon, please chime in. Doug and I are considering a destination marathon if we can convince some peeps to join us.

Lotzie, I'm talking to you!

Otherwise, I think it will be Rocket City or somewhere else close.

In other news, we are finally rid of Doug's sister's dog because they come home from vacation today. Whew! I had forgotten how difficult puppies were. And this dog is a springer spaniel so she is high-strung. Having a nervous puppy here really made us appreciate our good old dog. Annie doesn't need for everyone to be seated before she eats, she heels, she knows not to eat crayons, she doesn't chew up markers, she understands the "give" command, and she doesn't bark unless someone walks by while she is looking out the window.


Kevin said...

Congrats on signing up I am already signed up for Chattanooga and am committed for SC 1/2 as well. (I probably should just go ahead and sign up since it goes up 15$ tomorrow).

I have heard the Miami marathon at the end of January is nice. Im hoping to do Chickamagua in November since I will have built up a good endurance after the SC 1/2

Wes said...

Rocket City is good. Chickamauga is most excellent, as Nat will attest. I, too, will be doing the SC half. I will sign up in the next month or so, I think.

Good stuf, Steph :-) You are ready for the Olympic distance, and the half is but a stone throw away for you! Woo hoo!

Wes said...

I forgot to mention that my buds are planning on doing Memphis in December this year... (for a marathon).

Charlie said...

Hey Ms Stephanie,

There is also Disney in Orlando on 11Jan. The Goofy and Half is closed but the full is still open. I'll be doing the Goofy!

Sarah said...

Ooh, purty shoes! I love me some purple. Why do mine have to be so ugly?

It's so exciting about all the peeps coming to Chattanooga. I need to be riding some hills because everyone keeps telling me how hilly it is. Since you ride in Roswell, you'll be all set!

Nat said...

Okay still thinking about the half.

As far as marathons you and Doug should think about Kiawah --usually 2nd week of Dec. Always sells out so register early.

I am planning on Rocket City.
I also reccomend Chickamuaga, of course. :)