Monday, May 26, 2008

A Three Hour Tour

We were supposed to load up the kids, the bikes, the trailer and the ride-a-long and hit the Silver Comet this morning.

Unfortunately, at 5am Annika came into our room to say that she felt like she needed to barf. We got her a bowl, put her hair up and she heaved a little but nothing came. Back to bed for Annika and me - Doug got up and did some dishes from last night's BBQ.

So, no Silver Comet. After we cleaned up from the festivities, Doug went for his run and I got to bike when he returned. I did a tour of the local area with the intention to hit 40 miles. There is a 40 mile route for our area, but parts of it are not appealing to me so I did a modified version.

I loaded 2 water bottles (one with water and one with electrolyte) and my aero-drink bottle, filled my newly-affixed GU flask, and ate a Cliff bar as I was leaving the house. Still, I ran out of fuel. Should have filled both water bottles with electrolyte and brought at least 3 GUs, possibly 4. That's OK - I'm going to get this one day. The aero-drink was great, though. I got splashed on some bumpy places but only right after filling and it felt good because I was hot. And, I only put water in there so I wasn't sticky - see, I'm trainable.

It was an awesome day. I saw a billion people out walking, running, biking, doing yardwork. One little girl doing yardwork with her dad yelled "go biker, go biker" at me. : ) There were tons of triathletes and bikes on the bike lanes down by the river and some passed me on the way there.

I decided to do the neighborhood portion of the 40 mile route first to avoid having to come through my own neighborhood twice (too hilly). Was doing fine and had my first shot of GU at one hour once I crossed 92 to head to the river. As I did the turnaround in Inverness, there was another guy in there turning around. I let him go first and would see him about three more times during the ride - not passing ever, just in the same vicinity.

I stopped to potty and refill all of my bottles at about 1 hr 40 mins. This was not a good sign. It was really hot. I stopped for a phone check at the place where Nat and I usually GU but I wasn't to two hours yet so it wasn't time for GU. As I did the big hill up Wileo, I was disappointed to realize that this ride was going to take me 3 hours. Well, duh! Of course it would - I usually do 3X miles in 2.5 hours so simple math should have told me this. The realization made me sing the Gilligan's Island theme all of the way up the hill so it wasn't all bad.

Anyway, I was (distantly) following a couple as they went up Wileo and Hightower (think I had the other GU here). I caught the woman on the way down the hill on Pine Grove - it's a great downhill and I know where all of the bumps are so I can fly. I fell in with the woman on Shallowford and joked about riding the brakes on the downhill since that is what Nat does. Turns out, the woman is on BT too (Aimster) and I know her in that world. I leave her but say that I'm sure she'll pass me on the uphill, which she does. : )

We hang out and chat all along Shallowford and I was trying not to hang on her wheel on Jones. I peeled off to do Nat's folks' street and lost her and the guy in there because I didn't want to draft all the way home. It felt like cheating - plus, what if they thought I was annoying?

Anyway, after I got back on the regular route, I had drunk all of my electrolyte and sucked every bit of GU out of my flask and I was cashed. Coming past the bottoms on the street, I stated to feel shakey. "Suck it up," I said. "Just one set of hills to go and then it's all downhill." I struggled through the last neighborhood and made it to my 'hood by talking to myself a lot and avoiding the brakes on the downhills (use the hill!). Whew! Once there, I found those couple of bikers again. They were having a drink break. Turns out the guy is also on BT (atl_runner). This was their first time on this route. How cool is that? I offered water/potties, but they declined. Apparently, not everyone needs to pee as much as Nat and me.

I didn't have the energy for a run-off but was able to rack my bike without incident (it's above my head so I have to lift the bike up really high) so next time I'll fuel better and do a run after the bike. I've showered and am clean now and I feel like $1M.

46 miles and change at a 14.XX pace (including the potty break, the water, stoplights, etc). Whoo! It's a new record distance for me!

Annika is feeling better now and is enjoying Miss Spider on TV. I had to put the kaibosh on SpongeBob. He's just not very positive.

Again, the most thoughtful drivers on my ride today were the landscapers. I'm guessing that this is because people buzz them or honk or yell at them too so they know how it feels.


Wes said...

Killer ride, chica! I've learned that potty breaks are in direct proportion to how the fueling is going :-) Aero bottles have made all the difference with me staying hydrated on the bike!

Kevin said...

Sounds like a great ride. Looks like I need to start riding in Roswell instead of heading all the way from Cumming to the SCT.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, That route goes right by Dot and Tom's, you know they would let you use their potty anytime. Congrats on a great ride. I agree with you about SpongeBob, just too much yelling and stuff for me. I do love Miss Spider, although Sophie has grown out of it.

Nat said...

Roswell will make you stronger! It's got it all: uphill, downhill, windy roads and flat areas with bike lanes.

Steph! Tremendous job! I so missed your company on Sunday --not that I didn't enjoy Doug's but I had no one to remind me drink or eat. So I probably under fueled: 30oz gatorade, 20oz of water and 2 Cliff bars? IDK, maybe that was enough. I did pee 3 times. :)

Camille said...

i have no idea how you guys do those 3 hour things. anyway, good job! i also nixed spongebob...can't stand it.

JoeVic said...

So, would you consider yourself Ginger or Marianne?


Sorry, couldn't help it.

Charlie said...

Wow Ms Stephanie! Great ride!

I really need to get my bike set up and enjoy some rides.