Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood??

Tuesday, I was supposed to get up early and run so that Doug could swim. And I overslept.

I went to work, had instant noodles + frozen spinach and a banana for lunch and my tummy was off. And then I got tired. Luckily, the machines at work have Diet Dr. Pepper in them. Yum-o. Anyway, I drank my nice bottle of tasty but not caloric chemicals and felt much better. Caffeine is my friend. The tummy, not so much better.

So, when I called to tell Doug I was on my way, he said "why don't you come home and put on your running clothes and go out for a run?" "I'll feed the kids and we can eat together when you get home." Well, I certainly am not one to skip a gift workout so I changed clothes like Superman and went out on my run.

Into the blazing heat and humidity. Punishing. This run was punishing. The hill loops I did on the bike on Monday left me with aching calves and quads. The heat did not help the tummy. I now totally understand why everyone blew up on the run at the Gulf Coast Triathlon and Florida 70.3. The possibility of this kind of heat makes me glad that we are doing our first HIM in the fall. Luckily, on this run, I could stop at the clubhouse and again at home to use the potty. I wanted to quit for all of the first loop (2.85 miles). Then, I almost returned to the house after my short out-n-back at the beginning of the second loop for aoother "break" but told myself to HTFU. Clouds started to roll in just after that pep-talk and the run was instantly more bearable. Whew!

About a mile later, I was coming up a hill while a guy in a Honda waited for me to pass. "You didn't have to wait on me," I joked, "I'm not going to beat you." This is funny because I was sucking it up the hill. "No," the guy said, "I wanted to see if you needed a ride home - there is bad weather coming." Then, as he passed me on his way out the guy said that there was a tornado warning for Woodstock. I thanked him and said that I was close to home. After that, I picked up the pace. Fear is a good motivator.

With a mile to go, I passed another guy. This one was out walking his dogs. We chatted about the lightning and he, too, offered me a ride home. See, this is why I love our hood. There is the dark-30 club that says hello when I run in the morning (counted 7 this morning, not counting drivers and landscape/construction workers) and in the afternoon everyone wants to help out.

I had planned to run for 60 minutes with a goal of 6 miles. I got the 6 miles but only 59 minutes. The weather got so ugly that I couldn't even run right in front of the house so I raced inside. So I could have dinner with Doug while we watched the trees bending over and the hail raining down on the yard. It was a nasty storm. Will post the photo when it migrates from my phone - soo slow to do that!


Charlie said...

Hey Ms Stephanie,

Way to suck it up and get it done! Too bad you didn't meet your goal of 60 minutes! ;-)

I admire runners who can run in heat and humidity.

Have a great holiday weekend,

Wes said...

Yea, that weather was nasty. Passed just north of the lake about six miles from my house! Heat training is a good thing! Way to tough it out!!

Kevin said...

Way to squeeze that run in. We have had some nasty weather here lately. I am glad to be doing my first 70.3 in the fall also

Nat said...

Your hood is nice. When I lived in Mt Park I twisted my ankle and fell. Some guy driving in the hood saw me hit the pavement and offered me a ride--of course first telling me that he was not a serial killer. I love it that men will tell this to you, as if the real serial killer introduce themselves first. Anyway, I declined ride and he let me use his phone but Ryan wouldn't answer and I had no choice but to take the ride--my ankle was sprained pretty bad.
And as it turned it, dude was not serial killer. Just a nice guy.

Nat said...

I am adding that I was running in your hood when I fell. I forgot to put that in since people don't know that Mt. Park is around the corner from you.

JoeVic said...

You know, that's a great question. Who are the people in our neighborhoods?

- Carpenters
- Meter readers
- Landscapers
- Soliciters
- Strangers trying to sneak in your pool, basketball courts, tennis courts.
- People looking to by homes
- Property Mgrs
- Delivery truck drivers
- Pizza delivery persons

For the most part, all of them are strangers to you, yet they're in your neighborhood every day.

So it is a very good question, especially for women walking or running alone, even close to home.

I still go get my 8 yr daughter at the bus stop 1/4 mile away cause I don't want her walking alone to the house. Maybe I'm paranoid.

After dropping the kids off at school this morning, I noticed my 13 year old neighbor standing at the bus stop all alone. Just across the street, maybe 40 yds away were 4 male painters. Never seen'em before in my life. And about 60 yards away was a landscaping crew.

I parked along the street between her and them and just sat there a while. She probably thought I was wierd or some perv, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

When I drive downtown to work I often see women runners on the streets. I think they are very brave, cause I regularly get accosted and harrassed by losers and druggies wanting money. I call it 'walking the gauntlet' from my parking lot to my building.

Anyway, to all you women runners out there, be carefull.