Monday, May 12, 2008

Take It Easy

You know how I joined the streaking challenge on Paul's blog?

Well, I've been sucking at the streaking. Things come up, you know?

I exercised 11 hours the week before last, but still had a goose egg (that means I didn't manage at least 30 minutes of exercise) on Friday. I had to get up early to pay bills and didn't get them finished in time to do some working out before it was time to get ready for work. And then we went out for dinner after work and I was too tired to bother when I got home after bathing the kids. Dagny melted down when it was time to walk the dog so I didn't even get to do that.

And then, when I did my bills this past week I noticed that my computer needs backing-up and I haven't filed anything in about a month. And, I am short-tempered and had the freakout mentioned in the previous post when I wanted to pull my hair out. So, what I'm saying is, though I enjoyed the big training week and seizing the day when each swim/bike/run opportunity arose, I don't think I can sustain the 11 hour training weeks right now. When I read about evaluating your average training volume in Joe Friel's Triathlete's Training Bible, I didn't quite understand what he was talking about. But now I think I do. I can't do 11 hour weeks every week and still maintain my job and a reasonable degree of organization in my house. And that is OK.

Every hour spent training is good. Just like every hour with my kids is good. There may not be enough of either of them so it's good to appreciate what I get.

And, goose eggs on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday last week. Because of the packing and the wedding and what always happens at work on the day before vacation. But, you know what? This week is a whole new week and I got to run 6 miles this morning and it was lovely.


Charlie said...

Hey Ms Stephanie,

I only had a little over 10hr training week with no goose you actually did better than I did even with my seven full days of training. Besides...with two small children, husband and work, you have a lot more on your plate than I do, so you should be commended for being able to do as much as you do!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Dogwood Girl said...

Steph, i know it sucks that you can't always get the workout in, but it makes ME feel better for you to acknowledge how hard it is to juggle family and alone time. I sometimes feel like there is something wrong wiht me when I can't get my stuff together and it is nice to see I am not the only one.