Sunday, May 04, 2008

Take the Dumbass Biking

Earlier this month, we signed up to ride in the Roswell Mayor's Ride - 20 mile loop. It's part of the Roswell Criterium festivities. Doug was going to take Annika on the ride-a-long and I was going to pull Dagny in the trailer.

So, you can see where this is going.

Dagny has been feeling icky since Friday. She has a cough and a lot of phlegm. On Friday at Annika's soccer game, she choked on the phlegm and vomited on the field. Oops.

This morning, she apparently choked again or she has some kind of stomach thing. It could be either one because she has a horrible, gagging, old smoker's cough and she hasn't eaten any appreciable amount of food since Thursday. Remember, this is Dagny. She eats everything.

So, after she barfed, I bathed her and put her back in bed. She seemed completely fine with no trace of fever, so Doug and I thought we could still ride. We readied the bikes and car and I went upstairs to get the girls ready. While I was braiding Annika's hair ("just like Aunt Matalie"), Dagny coughed and it made her barf again. OK, bike ride off.

But she was so excited about riding in the trailer. She calls it her stroller.

So, we decided I would take her on the 6 mile family ride in the trailer and just bring a bowl with me in case of more upchuck. She was fine. She is weak from the lack of food but she sipped her ice water during the whole ride with no sicks. Then, she ate a whole bag of cheerios while the I was busy doing some tire work. She is napping now after a cheese quesadilla so I'm hopeful we will be able to make it to the race and possibly the party at Nat's folks' house tonight.

So, the tire work. SIGH. Just let me tell you. . .

We were LAST on the family ride. There were 3 year-olds who passed us. My bike was so heavy and hard to pedal. I couldn't figure out where all of my bike strength had gone. And something was making a rubbing noise. I checked my brakes and the back ones were rubbing so I adjusted them to no avail.

Once we finished the ride and returned to the park (after enduring much ridicule from the other riders), I realized the problem. Not only was my back tire really low (so low you could see it poking out on either side of the rim), the whole wheel had come out of the bracket and was rubbing against the frame. Oh! So that was the noise. No wonder!

I took the tire off, checked the whole tube and reinflated it with my C02 cartridge after I read the instructions again. The repair kit tire levers were flimsy but I made them work. After I got the tire back on, Dagny and I decided to ride to Starbucks after a quick detour to the potty. However, when we went to get back on the bike after the potty, the tire was flat again.

Maybe I should have used a fresh tube. But it wasn't leaking! Ugh. I took the tire off and put the new tube in while other Bike Roswell folks walked around me in the set-up/potty area. Then, I got the tire and new tube back on the wheel and tried to complete the refilling. I was pretty pleased with my handiwork. However, as I was working on the refilling (with some difficulty), some guys came to my aid and tried to fill it for me. Oops. That didn't work - they didn't do well with the C02 either. One guy went and got his "real pump" and set me right. They put my tire back on and I was on my way. Back up the hill and to my car to go home because Doug and Annika finished the 20 mile ride about that time.

And, no ride tomorrow because I have a work meeting. On my day off. SIGH.

But, the family ride was a lot of fun and we will definitely do it again next year. And I've had a yet another reminder that I need to check that back wheel on every ride or at least if it's making a rubbing noise.


Wes said...

Poor Dagny! I hate it when my kids are sick!! That's some impressive training :-) Next time, you could drag a tire like Ultra Bob does for run/hill training :-D

Nat said...

Steph we had so much fun last night. I am so sorry you guys couldn't make it.

Is that tire what is causing that tweety noise?

Camille said...

That tire stuff sounds complicated! Sorry about Dagny being sick...I'm not sure I understand the title here, but maybe I didn't read the post right.