Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wastin' Away Again in Beer-ville

I had a whole bunch of posts in my mind on Friday, which I thought of during the trail run Doug insisted I take after I freaked out about not getting everything done in time to leave for our vacation on Friday. Sure, I got up at 4 and paid the bills. But I didn't get any of the filing done and there is that other pile of "things I need to address" plus the pile of work in my backpack and the suitcases that I hadn't yet packed.

But, he insisted I would feel better after a run and he was right. I ran up to the good park and ran around once (3 potty breaks because freaking out + nervous tummy = lots of stops) and then came back home. I ran almost 7 miles if you count the walking in mile 5/6 to get to one of the stops, which I do. I saw some runners who weren't very friendly to me, even though I said hello. Maybe it was because I took too long at the water fountain. Dunno.

Anyway, we made it. The suitcases were packed and we left right on time. Sure, we forgot some stuff but nothing huge. And, Annika was beautiful at the wedding even if she didn't stand still and the party was great. My aunt and uncle's house is a little bit of heaven for my family and they pulled out all of the stops to make a super party. Their nephew (Barney) made the BBQ and the beer and it was awesome. The bride and groom did a slideshow of photos from their lives and one of the bride's songs was "Boondocks". I was a little worried about her using that song since the groom's family appears to be from town but I think it says a lot about her and her family. Maybe we'd all be a lot happier if we'd stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and just be who we are.

And today?

We've made it to the beach after checking out all of the bikes driving home from the Gulf Coast triathlon (I asked a guy at the Whataburger how it was and he said "hot") and are gearing up to go to the Irish pub for dinner tonight before my sister gets here with her family, when we will switch to Margaritaville or Gin&Tonic-ville. And I haven't even checked my work email yet.


JoeVic said...

Steph, regarding your comment about rude runners. There's a lady in our neighborhood. She was, at least in her own mind, ALL THAT. Blonde, body, boobs, legs and of course the nose in the air, "oh, I'll speak to you today serf." attitude. Especially at the pool. (my own opinion was she was aside from the body, she wasn't very attractive,,,,,but I digress.)

Over the past year or so this lady, for whatever reason, packed on the pounds. If I were to guess I'd say she gained 50-60lbs. I'm not being critical. Being a fat tub of lard myself, I understand how it can happen. Just an observation. :)

For the last few months though this lady has been out every single morning running the neighborhood. I see her every morning as I'm taking the kids to school. And guess what? Every morning she's as sweet and nice as she can be. Always a smile and a wave. She's a whole different person. Go figure.

There's probably a hundred different theories on why she's so different now. Humility, regret, acceptance,,,,,who knows. All I do know is I like her a whole lot better now.

I don't know how this explains why people treat you the way they were, Lord knows I'm not a runner or member of the running, uber-athlete community like you. :) But perhaps these people have never had a humbling experience like my neighbor. Perhaps, they're just too high on thier own cloud.

Have a great vacation!!!

Wes said...

If you are going to Gin & Tonic-ville, I wanna come :-) Glad everything went smoothly!!

P.S. I am doing Florida 70.3, not Gulf Coast...

Camille said...

Sounds great, Steph! Enjoy your trip!

Kevin said...

Running is always a great way to clear the mind. Have a great trip