Friday, May 30, 2008

I Like Cold Beverages

Here is a photo of Annika from her last day of school party. It was a picnic and we had a great time playing outside and eating pizza. Note the cool charm bracelet that the teachers gave everyone - quite a hit with the kids. And, here. Is what is going on in our bathtub. For those of you who don't know, this is the beginning of beer. : )
As you can see, it's going a little slow because it's chilly in the bathtub but in about 2 weeks we should have some beer to drink. When we went to my cousin's wedding in Orangeburg, one of my relatives by marriage made the BBQ and the beer and it was awesome. So, Doug's interest in making beer was reignited. Whoo! He is GOOD at making beer.

When we were in college, Doug and Mike used to get together every few months to brew together. Some brews were better than others (usually because of the amount of cold beverages consumed during the brewing process) but they got really good at making beer. When we were first married, Doug got the kegging system (using old Coke kegs) and we had lots of good brews for every holiday and event. But lately, no brewing.

So I'm glad that the yeast is back growing at our house.

In other news, I got new running shoes (Saucony) after a visit to the Big Peach. They tested me and said that my Adrenalines might have been a little too much motion controlling. So, check these out - they are even purple. First run was good. Tomorrow's long run will be the test.

And after that, the girls are running in their first race at Team Ford. Watch out.


Kevin said...

Thats pretty cool that you guys brew your own bear. Yumm. Hope the new shoes work out for you. I need to take a trip down there and try for some new shoes

Wes said...

Awwww mannnn. I've always dreamed of brewing my own beer... Just been too afraid to try. I remember Alton Brown saying there was a brew shop on/in Marietta Square. I'd love to give it a try, even though I'm cutting way back ;-) I got a tub in my basement just begging to be used for sumthin!!

Mike Maier said...

Don't be afraid Wes! Welcome back Doug! The price of barley sure has gone up since we brewed together but it is still good clean fun. What flavor is that in your tub?

Dorothy Gould said...

I remember the last batch of Mike's that I had, it was Thanksgiving '96 at Pat and Tom's house. Neither Terry or I could remember where we parked the car the next morning. Hopefully Doug's "firewater" won't be quite as potent. Of course, our amnesia could have had something to do with the quantity consumed as well.

Camille said...

i'd like to try some of the doug brew. love those purple shoes, too, steph!

Jarrett said...

Homemade beer is awesome. It's time for Meaghan to pick up some new shoes. The blisters on her feet today are terrible. I think her shoes have too much arch for her feet.