Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Happens At Nana's

Our girls spent the night with Nana and Papa last night and played with cousins Sophie and Julia until after lunch today. Needless to say, they didn't sleep much, ate a half-package of Twizzlers and have been napping now for almost four hours.

That's right. Four.

And, Doug is on his way to get our babysitter now so that we can have dinner with some friends.

Methinks that getting to church in the morning will be tough tomorrow.

Anyhow, in other news:

What do you think those prints are?

I saw them on my bike ride Wednesday and thought "Hm, they must have run over something and their tires got it all over the road."

Then, "Looks like butterflies."

However, as I went up the hill out of the neighborhood, I thought of something else it might be and went back for a photo. I know the photo would be better without my shadow, but my heart rate was up from biking and I was nervous about the guy who was innocently doing yardwork across the street.

I'll post tomorrow what I thought they were. Doug didn't agree. You'll notice that the prints are not as regular as you'd think they would be from tires.

And, I got 3rd place in my age group at the John Tanner State Park Sprint Triathlon today. Whoo! My time wasn't awesome (placement depends on who shows up in your age group, obviously and the faster 35-39s must have stayed home!) and the bike and run were HARD, but it was a really fun race and we saw all sorts of NAMC and BT folks and a guy from our neighborhood at the race. Doug beat my bike time by over 4 minutes. He kicks ass. The youngest racer was 13 and the oldest was 87. That is not a typo. That guy is a BAMF. I'll post a race report with a photo of my cool team ZootGU uniform once the official times are up because I still haven't learned to use the multisport function on my Garmin and Doug read my times off to me so I don't remember them.


Wes said...

I was gonna guess a big bird flew over and had a little accident, but I have a hard time taking things seriously :-)

Congrats on your third place finish! Woot!! We had some physically challenged folks at our tri today, and it was just awesome!!

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I am so glad the race went well, was thinking about you guys this morning.

That is hilarious about the 4 hour nap. Let the reprogramming begin!

JoeVic said...

87 years old???
I guess there's hope for us old farts after all. He's twice my age. :)