Monday, April 21, 2008

Nuva Nos!

My Grammy is Ukranian and her husband (Grampy) was Lithuanian. At their house, every time a different vegetable or event occurred for the first time in a season, the family would yell "Nuva Nos!" and smack each other on the forehead with the heel of their hands. It looks like the "I coulda had a V-8" smack. BUT - you have to be the first one to notice the item or event or it doesn't count.

So, it was always a big deal to realize that we were eating the first hamburgers, beets, radishes, corn, etc. of the season so you could be the one to yell "Nuva Nos!" and smack someone on the forehead. My internet searching has not revealed which language this phrase comes from and I'm sure the spelling is wrong, but I'll report back after I ask Grammy.

Anyway, the point is . . .

Nuva Nos! It was the first bike ride of the season today!

I rode from school and got a great 30 mile ride in. It was beautiful outside, no cars tried to kill me, and the Lemon Sublime GU I ate was actually pretty good. The vanilla is always good, but I was a little worried about this new flavor. I'm still afraid to try the Strawberry-Banana. Jerry swears by it, but I'm not convinced.

THEN, after a stop at the Peak Sports Nutrition store to buy some electrolyte drink and use their potty, I ran 3.11 miles and finished just in time to pick the girls up at school. SO much fun! I can't wait until Nat gets her bike back so we can ride together. However, I may need to eat more on the bike. I think I was OK on fluids since I had to stop for the potty break but maybe some more calories would be good. Hopefully my GU2O will get here soon and I can start trying that out.

AND, Doug and I took the girls to the lake yesterday to try out our wetsuits in preparation for Saturday's race. It was the maiden voyage of the new Zoot wetsuit that I got for Christmas. The link is not a photo of my actual suit because mine is not this cool-looking but I felt super-cool in it, not at all like the neoprene-covered cow I was when I tried it on four months ago. When you unzip and roll the top down, so you look like a real pro (HA!), you can still read the Zoot because the logo upside down is exactly the same. I'm sure I looked just as ridiculous and ungainly as before, but it's all about how you feel, right? I forgot my camera to record our swim for posterity, but I'll get a photo at the race.

However, as I flailed away in the lake trying to talk myself into going close to the buoys I wondered what in the heck was I thinking signing up for a 5K swim. Open water swimming is HARD. I thought I was a bad-ass because I've gotten up to a 6,000 yard continuous swim in the pool. Not so fast, bad-ass - more like candy-ass!!

In other news, the girls and I are off to Aunt Jennie/Uncle Robbie's house for dinner tonight to see the baby. Hope everyone had a super day today.


Wes said...

I'm glad I'm not part of your Grammy's family :-) I'd have one serious headache!!!

Aren't you doing a tri this weekend? First bike ride of the season?!? You do mean outdoors, right?

Ummmm... 6K in an indoor pool means you are a definite bad ass! ROFL!!!

Steph Bachman said...

Yes, first "real" outdoor ride of the season. Trainer is a different beast entirely.

And, Grammy says that Nuva Nos is Lithuanian and when I asked how to spell it, she just laughed.

Charlie said...

Open water swims is what concerns me most about trying to do a Tri...but I guess with anything a person attempts...the more practice you get, the more comfortable it will get.

I'm sure after a few open water sessions, you will do wonderful at the 5K.

Nat said...

I don't know what she is talking about first bike ride. Maybe brick. Hello! We rode 30 something miles the Sat before we did ING and we were not holding hands on tandem trainers. We were outside.
Clearly the ride meant more to me than her.

This is making me reconsider joining her for a swim this morning. Me thinks she won't notice if I am even there . . .

Steph I am laughing that your family has an exciting proclomation for food.

Steph Bachman said...

Nat, that was a sneaky afternoon ride, after which the temperatures immediately plummetted right back to the 30s/40s. So, I wasn't counting it as the first of the season. Though, technically it was - so you should have yelled Nuva Nos! and smacked me on the head.

And at least it's not a proclamation about poop!

jasonaut said...

Hey Steph, I'm commenting because I don't have your email. No St. Anthony's this year. It's a really fantastic race, highly recommended, but it's just really far away. Plus we want to see what this Inman Park Festival is all about. Plus there's a party Saturday night. Plus I haven't been on a bike since January... you get my drift.

However, I can't say enough good things about this race. I think Sav. Tri Team has about 20 folks going this year. Always a great time.

Ankle's mostly better now. I'm back in the pool, getting 6-9k per week, but that's about it. Injury lasted long enough to make me lazy. I figure my next competition will be the Savannah River Bridge Run in December. That's right, I'm taking a season off. Yay me!

Oh and Allison will not be doing the 5K swim on June 29 (our 6th anniversary!). She coaches Brookwood Hills summer league and that's the day of the big championship meet. Too bad, I enjoyed rowing across the lake when she did it several years ago.

Good luck with your race(s)!