Monday, April 14, 2008


What! Camping out for football tickets?
No? What about Rolling Stones or Smiths tickets?
I camped out for summer camp registration this morning. You know that you are jealous. I arrived at 5:30am in the freeeeezing cold and was number 9. I got all of the camps I wanted (alas, with no price discount for being early) so that is a good thing. Met some nice neighbors and we've already planned who is to bring the warm beverages for next year.
In other news, now that my kids' camp aspirations are fulfilled, we trekked to IKEA yesterday and bought Dagny her new big girl bed. Actually, it is bunk beds. I don't remember if I posted about the harrowing trip to IKEA a few weeks ago in which I picked out linens with both kids and nearly killed myself. Will post photos once I've washed/ironed/hung drapes and removed the extra furniture and cardboard boxes from the room. Dagny is alseep in her big girl room RIGHT NOW only two hours after I laid her down to nap,
And, I scored a big goose egg on the Challenge yesterday because Doug and I spent the entire afternoon assembling the bunk beds and the beautiful blue dresser. My fingers are sore today, though, which should count for something.


Dorothy Gould said...

Glad you got the camps you wanted, that is a very impt thing! Wow, I am impressed with Dagny in the big girl bed. How fun bunkbeds will be for the many sleepovers of the future. I look forward to the pics.

Wes said...

I've never heard of camping out for camps :-) That's some hard core stuff!! LOL!

Thanks for the invite. I will probably be swimming Saturday instead of Sunday, but I do appreciate it!!!

Dogwood Girl said...

You have to camp out for camp? Wow. I am scared.

Concerning IKEA - Yeah, only a person who truly hates herself would ever go there with kids twice. It is HORRIBLE. Next time you go, just call me first and drop the girls off for a playdate! Would be totally fun for the kids, and you would get kids-free shopping time.

Charlie said...

I've heard a lot about camping out for things but...Camping out for Camp? Oh, that's already been said. Must be some prime camping schedules...glad you got the spots you wanted. And then a new bed too!

Sorry about your goose egg...maybe you could have done some exercises while in camp line...better yet next year bring your bike trainer and...nah...probably not a good idea.

Have a good week,