Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What We Did for Spring Break

Many of the neighbors went on trips for Spring Break. I know this because there was zero traffic and our neighborhood was a ghost town last week. We didn't go anywhere so we got to enjoy the girls' company all week.

Because I had a giant allergy attack on Tuesday, the girls and I had to bail on Nat's playgroup and do indoor things on Wednesday. We went shopping and baked cookies. Below, you can see my new and improved cookie cooling method - keeps the crumbs off of the counter and the floor. We made a double batch of Nestle's Tollhouse Cookies (the recipe on the back of the package) and did half with chocolate chips and the other half with mini M&Ms and cashew pieces. The cashews were very tasty in the dough but were lost in the finished cookies. I guess their flavor was too delicate or too much like sugary buttery flour.

Our niece, Julia Ann Williams, was born on Tuesday afternoon (April 8). She weighed 7lbs and was 19 inches long. Doug dropped me off at the hospital after we went to the Masters Practice Round in the morning. Julia is my sister (Jennie) and her husband's second daughter. She is very cute and huuuuungry. That's her dad (Robbie) holding her in the photo.

Here are some gratuitous photos of Dagny playing on the playground at Annika's last soccer game. She pulled the clips out of her hair, so it was all aflutter.

In other news, we are the house of pee again this week. On Monday, the dog let loose during her nap and created an ocean under our kitchen table, where Doug, Annika and I were sitting (I was going to call this post "Ocean Sized" but decided against another bathroom-focused post). That's 3-4 loads of laundry to clean the towels we sopped it up with and my computer bag which was also doused.

Then, Dagny's diaper leaked during her nap yesterday and again last night. 2 more loads of sheets.

And Annika wet the bed last night too. 2 more loads of sheets/comforter.

Luckily, I forgot to pack underwear to put on after my swim this morning so I still have clean ones to wear tomorrow because there is no telling when the next load of actual clothes will get done.


Wes said...

Congrats on the new niece!! Sorry about your new allergies and all of the "leakage" :-) Laundry is a never ending task. This I know!!

Dorothy Gould said...

Have you tried the diaper liners? It's a thin pad that fits right into their diaper, and provides extra absorbency. I use them at night for Michael, somehow the boy parts always make the front of his diaper leak.

Great pics, and I love the cookie cooling idea, I am going to try that with my next batch.

Nat said...

Ms. Julia is so pretty! Congrats to Jen and Robbie and big sis Sophie!

You crack me up with your bathroom stories. And I am missing you on the bike. Did we break up? I think you are secretly training so you can kick my ass. That's okay if you do but I still riding my bike with you.