Friday, April 04, 2008


On Tuesday, after my easy swim on Monday and recovery run/walk in the morning I rolled my ankle. No, not the one that I rolled before my 12 miler a few weeks ago.

SIGH. Really, Grace is not my middle name.

Doug and I had just been talking about how the nightly dog walk (he Garmined it at 0.5 miles) with the girls would have me goose-egg free for the rest of the summer, even if it wasn't a "workout" per se. It does make me sweaty but mainly that is because Dagny poops out halfway and I have to carry her. So I don't think it really counts. The ankle went over as I was carrying Dagny on my shoulders down the rocky, pebbly, grass-clippings-covered hill. Doug had followed Annika back on around towards our house (Annika likes to run and beat all of us, which is why we had to Garmin). I thought the shoulders would be better so Dagny's weight would be evenly distributed and so I could see my feet. Dagny disagreed - she wanted to be held in my arms. Turns out she might have been right. Luckily, I was able to keep Dagny on my shoulders so she didn't fall. She's still talking about it, though, so I think it was scary.

No matter. My activity for Wednesday was my endurance swim. Made extra fun because it was only arms. On Thursday morning, I didn't get to run as planned because of the ankle. No matter, a bike ride or a yoga in the evening would suffice for purposes of the streak. Except that my naggy cold symptoms turned into a fever and I couldn't breathe. Thursday was a goose egg. Unless the paint fumes from upstairs stop searing my lungs, today might be too because now it's raining. I know that Nat would have exercised in this situation but today I'm a wuss. Sissy. Wimp.

But tomorrow, boy howdy, I think I'll be able to run. My ankle is still a little swollen but it looks much better and I have a full range of motion. : )


Wes said...

Walking is my "rest day" exercise just about every week! It definitely counts! Get yoself one of those 10 dollar pull buoys. They keep my big arse up in the air and I fly through the water. Fun stuff :-)

Nat said...

I am sorry you are sick. And you know that if anything takes me it out is the sinus infection/chest cold. I ty to exercise through it almost always with disasterous results. But fwiw I NEVER exercise if I have a fever. If I have a fever it hurts to just exist nevemind exercise.
Feel better soon!

Charlie said...

Hey Ms Stephanie,

It's usually better to get well and healed instead of trying to push things with the risk of getting worse.

Hope you're feeling better soon!