Monday, April 07, 2008

God Save the Tween

Annika has informed us that she no longer likes the music in her i-pod. She has requested new tunes.

Out go those darn Disney songs. Ariel, Wiggles and Laurie Berkner - you are chopped liver. You've been supplanted by the offspring of none other than Billy Ray Cyrus.

That's right. We are in the tween world now.

The world of Hannah Montana.

For those of you who have not recently wikipedia-ed Hannah Montana (because I have), Hannah Montana is a show on the Disney Channel about this pop star named Hannah Montana. Only, instead of the rock-and-roll lifestyle, she wants to live like a regular kid. So, she is incognito and living in Malibu as Mylie Stewart and only her family and close friends know. The show is squeaky clean and pretty cute. Mylie is always getting into some kind of jam and making faces at her predicament, which somehow works out in the end. Typical sitcom material. But Annika LOOOOVES it.

Actually, for car audio, Hannah Montana is a good bit less annoying than the Veggie Tales. "So we've got that going for us, which is nice." Don't get be wrong. I really like the message of the Veggie Tales a lot and if Annika wanted to sing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" all day - I'd do it. I even sing along. But after one time through that CD, my head starts to hurt.

Interesting, though, is that Dagny can't keep up with the words on Hannah Montana. She is still Laurie Berkner speed. "Hey Victor," "Hey Freddie," "Let's eat some spaghetti." So the "kids" mix on my i-pod alternates between the oldies and the new stuff. That Doug, he is smart.

Anyway, my point is not necessarily that Annika is a tween because i-village says (and you know they know everything) you have to be ten to be a tween, but she WANTS to be a tween. Which is almost as scary. Suddenly, the music on our i-tunes is not the only music she hears. Next thing you know she will be wearing black and listening to the Cure and the Smiths and Bob Mould . . .

Or not, because now all of those guys are old like me. She'll be listening to some other whiney wankers. Sigh.


Lauren said...

embrace tween while you can, because then they become TEENs and you want to hide under your bed.

Wes said...

Lauren! ditto :-)

JoeVic said...

My oldest is 8 and she's Cheetah Gills/Hannah Montana crazy. Had to make sure Santa loaded them both on her MP3 Player at Christmas. (I told Santa not to spend all the bucks on an iPod for an 8 yr old.)

Anyway, Vic and I must be easy to please cause we'll set and watch the show with the kids.

Actually took Hay to see her last year. During the concert I prayed to God I'd find ear plugs in my pockets. 12,000 screaming little girls and the worst, over amplified sound system in the world. My ears hurt for a day.

kara said...

why not start her on the cure now? i found a cure onesie for the nephew - it says "Boys Don't Cry" - and every bit of clothing i've bought him is black. hee hee.

Dorothy Gould said...

We haven't graduated to HM yet, but are way into High School Musical 1 and 2. They listen to the CD's every night after dinner in the basement, and I have caught Michael singing "Fabulous" at random moments during the day. Kind of like how I knew Carole King and Beatle songs when I was just a toddler myself.

Tara said...

Hey, it's better than boy bands, right? Chase really likes the Police right now. He can sing him some "roxanne" really good. I ditto the Cure now idea. I remember playing "Love Cats" for my little sister and she said it was her favorite song. You are a rocking Mom by the way, there is no kid music on my ipod yet.