Friday, August 01, 2008

All Aboard!!

With apologies to The Gap Band,

Everybody All Aboard, the Potty Train is leaving the station.

Dagny and I went on a meet and greet trip to her new school on Wednesday.

. . where they told me that I need to have her potty trained in oh, 12 days. Yes, usually you don't have to have the kids trained until they are in the 3 year old class but they want to put the old 2s (Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec birthdays) together and if Dagny can't use the potty she will have to go with the younger 2s, whose asses she will promptly kick. Trust me on this.

So, before we went home after completing all of our errands, we assaulted the Target to buy the all-important Elmo underpants. Because, you see, it's important that the kids be invested in the underpants. Who wants to pee on Elmo? He's a good guy! We've had several meltdown-causing accidents but some good success so far. Dagny doesn't want to sit on the potty and she certainly isn't telling us when it's time to go, but this is a good start. We even achieved tinkling in the men's room at a Waffle House on the way down here. If she can pee there without touching the potty, we are home free.

In other news, we have the bikes and are at the beach for a last fling before school starts. Thank you very much to mom and dad for the use of their condo. It's hard to get stressed about school or work or potty training when you are sitting on the porch with an adult beverage listening to the ocean.

Doug and I talked a long time about the upcoming SC HIM race on the way down. He stayed awake while I took my turn driving and talked to me to keep me awake. We've concluded that I am unlikely to reach my 6 hour or less goal at this race. To do so, I'd need to go less than 3 hours on the bike and let's face it, I'm not there yet. Doug is closer to this goal, but not optimistic. I think he's wrong and he will kill it, but that's OK. And, Nat has put in nearly double the bike mileage that I have in the last two months, so I won't beat her either. Before anyone gets upset about the competition thing, please understand that Nat and I are friendly rivals - it doesn't really matter which of us wins. We will certainly share some nice frosty beverages to celebrate finishing and whoever turns out to be the winner. By the way, only 169 spaces left for this race, so register now if it's still on your calendar but you've not registered.

And, last but not least, we've taken the plunge and registered for the Kiawah Island Marathon in December. I've studied my running book and if I can get my long run up to 15/16 miles before the SC HIM race in September, I should be able to do the minimum number of 18-20 mile runs to finish the marathon. It won't be fast, but I think it's doable so long as I don't injure myself. So, speed work, schmeed work. I'm low and slow for the rest of the summer/fall. Anyone else in? Lotzie? Joe and Jerry are in.


Dogwood Girl said...

Here's to you and Doug meeting your goals, and I know you will do great at Kiawah.

Concerning Dagny, and her fellow October birthday girl, Tiller, we are also on the Potty Train. I just got completely fed up with all things diaper - Changing them, smelling them, buying them. We bought a buttload of undies (pun intended) - Hello Kitty, Dora, etc. At first she was resistant, and at this point, she is peeing on the potty regularly, but we are having poop problems. She comes to us and says "I want to poop on the potty." We check her and she has already pooped in her undies. We tell her poop goes in the potty. She cries and says, "But i want to poop on the potty." We say, "You already pooped in your pants!" She falls on the ground and kicks her legs and flails around on the ground like a fish out of water. Repeat at least once a day, sometimes twice.

I know that sooner or later she will get it, but so far, we got nothin.' We're sticking with it, though, because as soon as we are off diapers, we are also going to stop getting the stupid plastic Kroger bags that we currently use to dispose of dirty diapers, and instead, we're gonna be all green, with cute totes to take to the grocery store.

That's what I call parental incentive to stick with potty training. It's all about the cute bag.

Nat said...

Sandbagger. I really think you will have no problem coming in under 6 and me? Well I just have to. I am just not mentally prepared for longer than 6 hours.

Is Kiawah still open? Maybe I can convince Ryan to go to Kiawah. He said no last time but maybe. . .

Re the potty. My bets are she'll get it in a week. One week of resitance and accidents and then she'll be fine. Just be all about what a big girl she is and up play all the stuff she can do now that she is in the panties.

Kevin said...

while I would like to finish sub 6 in that race, I know its not gonna happen for me. My goal at this point is to just finish my first 70.3 strong

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I won't bore you with the long comment that I posted on Anne's blog, but between the two of you and your October babies, I am motivated to work harder with Emily. She was doing well, then had the runs, and I had to put her back in a diaper. But I am so over the diapers, and really want to get both of them trained ASAP. My goal is Emily first, then Michael. Enjoy your beach trip, and pls keep me updated on the potty usage, good luck Dagny!!