Saturday, August 02, 2008

Under Pressure

So, the potty training.

It's going OK. Dagny has only peed in her underpants once so far. She's wearing a pull-up or diaper for naps and bedtime and has wet/pooped in those with no problem. Ha!

However, getting Dagny to sit on the potty to "try" is very difficult. She seems to have a lot of anxiety (uncontrollable, almost) about making anything.

This is the opposite of what we thought would be the problem. Dagny is, shall we say, strong-willed. She likes to be in control. We've been putting the potty training off because we were worried she would simply refuse to do it. And poop or pee in the underpants just to spite us. We can't be on the losing side of that equation, so we hadn't started at all.

So, we are being very supportive about sitting on the potty to "try" and repeating (ad nauseum) that it's OK if she doesn't have any pee. That it's important to try so that the pee doesn't sneak up on her.

No dice.

Maybe she doesn't need to go as often as I do or maybe she can hold it like a camel but it's very strange. We haven't figured out how to defuse the pressure of the situation yet. Singing works, sometimes. Distraction, too. But sometimes nothing does. Maybe some wet underpants will be the thing.

In other news, I rode 56 miles on my bike today. Which sounds a lot more impressive than it is because we are in the flatlands, but still. That's a new record for me.

Congrats to all of the peeps doing the Steelhead half-ironman today in Michigan. It looks like a super-fast race (Dan A. did the race in 4 hrs 04 mins) so we are hoping to see some race reports soon to see how the day went.


Kevin said...

Way to go on the long ride.

Good luck with the potty training

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Great job on the bike!

Emily sounds a lot like Dagny, I can get her to sit, but it's a struggle, she is too busy with everything else. One thing that has helped is to set out two potties downstairs, and let her have a bare bottom. Miraculously, she will take herself over to them and use them when she needs to, but refuses if I ask. Of course, you may want to wait till you are back on your own turf to try this....

Sarah said...

Nice job on the ride - doesn't matter what the terrain is, any time you hit a new high it's awesome!!

Good luck with the potty training, I have no advice. I like the fun underwear idea, that has to help!

Charlie said...

Hi Steph,

Great job on your new distance on your bike! That's the half iron distance for the bike isn't it? long did it take you?

With all your biking, swimming and running, you're sure to do well on the SC HIM!

Good luck on Dagny! Lots of patience!

Nat said...

Great job on the ride! I want to go long next week/weekend. Let's try to plan something. . .

Re the PT'ing: I have now pt'ed 2 kids so I am absolutely NOT an expert but they were both vastly different. Dagny sounds like Beau. He could hold it forever. He still can. In fact the only reason--I think--he doens't wet his bed is because he has the biggest bladder in the whole world. Carmella though is like me with the tiny bladder.

Like Dagny Beau was very resitant to being made to sit on the potty when he didn't have to go. But in the begining they really don't know so you do have to make them go a lot.

I set a kitchen timer for Beau and every 15 minutes it went off and he had to try. This worked fairly well for about 2 days. He ended up smashing the timer in a fit of anger but because of having to go 'try' every 15 minutes for 2 days he kinda got the whole going on the potty thing.

I will warn you though that even to this day he gets very mad if you insist he go potty when he doesn't have to go--even at school. Which can be a problem when they try to manage the herd.

Wes said...

I've heard the potty training little girls is a lot harder than boys. I wouldn't know ;-) Dagny is a smart chica. I'm sure she'll make it interesting for you :-)

56 miles totally counts!!!!