Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Racing for the Weekend

On Friday, we picked Annika up from school in the dreaded carpool line. UGH! And continued on our merry way (after the obligatory long wait and identification process from the school personnel) to Cordele, Georgia. We were on our way to the Lake Blackshear Resort for our second running of the Georgia Veterans State Park Sprint Triathlon. I think they've had a race here for several years, but we've only been going for two of them.

Doug's folks took the RV down again and the girls spent the nights with them, which was neat. Here is a photo of Annika playing with the toy RVs in the real RV and Dagny looking at me with binoculars.

That photo makes me smile every time I look at it because she was so happy to see me through the binoculars (which, as you might notice) are not connected in the middle.

Katie kept the dog, for which kindness we brought her a watermelon from the garden and some awesome beef jerky from the store located right outside of the park entrance. "Ew," you are thinking, but don't. These folks know their jerky.

This was Doug's first race last year and my second one so we were interested to see how we would measure up after a full year of training. Here are links to my race report and Doug's race report on Beginner Triathlete. And below is a list of my event times (wow, a blogger/excel interface would have helped here):

2007 v. 2008

Swim=> 8:41 v. 6:49

T1=> 2:21 v. 2:00

Bike=> 43:39 v. 39:16

T2=> 0:44 v. 1:02

Run=> 22:50 v. 22:47

Total=> 1:11:52 v. 1:18:13

Result 4th in AG v. 2nd woman overall

Overall, I'm very pleased with my race. The swim is a crapshoot because the distances change every year. I think this year's course was short or T1 included more of the run to transition because I didn't do my best on the swim even though my time looks faster. The bike was awesome - I'm thrilled with that. Almost hit a 20mph average!! I think I did OK on the run. I'd love to get down to 7 minutes per mile for the 5K but maybe later.

Then, we came home on Sunday and tried to catch up on the housework. Not so successful with that, but that's OK. I got the Mass times mixed up AGAIN (thought it was at 4pm, when it was at 5pm) but Annika, Grammy and I made it to our first Mass in the new sanctuary. It was beautiful and the coolness of having a kneeler helped Annika behave herself the whole time. We will, however, have to sit closer to the front next time because it was hard to hear the folks up front from the middle of the sanctuary. Oddly, the band and singers from the choir loft (it was the teen Mass) sounded like they were standing right at our shoulders.

Annika and I arrived home to find that Doug and Dagny had already eaten their dinner so we warmed up some spaghettios and watched the Olympics until bedtime.

Do you know what that means? It means that I didn't do any exercise for the streak on Sunday.

I'm souring a bit on the streak since Charlie broke his leg with what could have been stress fractures. I was up to 90 days again. Oh well. Nat is clearly going to win that challenge unless she gets sick. I'm thinking up a different idea for a streaking challenge next year and will post it in December.

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Wes said...

Exellent job! I think that should be 1:08:13 (??), that would be faster! and you are definitely much improved!! Way to go!!!!