Sunday, August 24, 2008


So, our friend Paul is racing Ironman Canada today. I've been checking online thoughout the day and scarily enough it is completely possible that Paul has been racing since before we left for church this morning (the race must be on Pacific time) and will still be racing by the time we get into bed.

Whew! And he is fast! That is one long race, people.

Off to bathe my kiddos. Race strong, Paul!

In other news, Dagny just told me that Annika was making her ugly (pronounced ughuhly) by calling her stupid. And that I needed to put Annika in her room. Ha!

And, I saw a snake at the Leita trail today. It was either a garter snake or a northern water snake. Watch out runners!


Kevin said...

Just catching up. Great job on the brick yesterday at Cartersville. I am planning my big brick for next weekend.

Wes said...

Great weekend, chica! As someone who has potty issues on the trail, I've learned I need to train my body to not go. LOL...

I was told by my coach that I needed to eat people food on my ride yesterday. This is what I had.

2 Gus (at the start)
6 fig newtons.
A PB & J sandwhich
Pack of peanut butter crackers
4 fig newtons
3 bottles of Tiger
2 bottles of Electrolyte bottles of water.

I felt like a Walrus getting off the bike, but I never got hungry, and I felt full the whole time. I never had to dive into the bathroom either. I also passed on the coffee in the morning. THAT was tough!!

Say "Hi!" to the snakes for me :-)

JoeVic said...

Hey Steph,
Nope, not us at Taco Mac. Vic was medicated last night and I was starting to feel the effects of a bad cold. Miserable today with this cold, so very glad Vic's feeling good.

I have to check Paul's site to see how he did.

Oh, my girls thinks its funny, yours started Kindergarten and Pre-K just like mine this fall.