Sunday, August 17, 2008

Karma Police

There will be no more discussion about potty-training success here. After the last post, Dagny pooped on the floor in the bathroom (couldn't get her pants down fast enough) and the next day after ignoring my commands to sit down to dinner or sit on the potty, she dropped trou to poop on the stairs.

Nothing like picking up poop and disinfecting the floor to humble a person.

Seriously, though, it seems to me that every time I get excited enough about something to crow about it, I screw it up. So, there will be no more of tempting of fate on the blog. Dagny is working on her potty and some days are good. But some days still aren't. We visited the potty 4 times at dinner last night with no actual use of the potty.

And, on Friday I had to write my first "Dear Mrs. M" note to school to tell them that Annika would be picked up in carpool. Nothing like writing that note to make you feel like an actual adult. It feels very odd to be the one with the power to write the "Please-excuse-Annika's-absence,-she-was-ill." note - like they will notice that I've forged my mom's name and I'll be exposed as a fraud.

Um, not that I ever signed my own excuse notes so that I could have the maximum number of absences and keep my parking space, or anything like that.


Wes said...

LOL! Dagny will get it. Hopefully soon :-)

Kevin said...

LOL! Ah yes who can forget forging signatures in HS. Hope things get better with potty training soon

Kevin said...

Thanks for the info about Curtis. They actually spent about 2 hours doing a fitting at roswell and I can go back any time for free adjustments. The bike feels really good right now.

Unfortunately I cannot swing Kiawah because Cathy and I are going on a cruise the following weekend. There is a slight chance I may push my way through Chickamagua or the Atlanta Full without fully training, otherwise I am looking at Ft Lauderdale in February, followed by ING

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Feeling your pain right along with you. Even my mother, a huge proponent of potty training, suggested I give it a break. Neither of them seem to be able to last longer than 20 minutes without tinkling. The other is progressing though, so I'll take that. I just wished to be done with diapers sooner.

I had the same feeling the first time I had to write a note to Soph's teacher last year, it really does make you feel like an adult!

Nat said...

I never forged my mother's signature but for some reason I was the go to person to write notes for a lot of my guy friends. I guess they thought any female's handwriting would do.

I do like writing the notes. I probably am a little more verbose with my explanations but whatever. I like to be very specific.


Tri-ing with Twins said...

I am enjoying your posts about the potty training, but I understand your not wanting to temp fate anymore. I'm about to dive into the potty training adventure with my twins, ugh!!! I'm soooo not looking forward to it.

And congrats on your sprint tri finish! That's awesome!