Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

The Tinkerbell underpants bit the dust yesterday.


Yeah, I know I should have washed them, but who has biohazard clean-up supplies on vacation? Not me. My mom only uses ALL (it's an argument that has turned into a joke, now) so I can't buy Tide for her condo and I didn't bring the Oxyclean. So, those poopy underpants went right into the garbage. Where (amazingly) they will take up less space than a diaper.

Dagny seems to be catching onto the potty for her pee, but not for poop. There is still a power struggle (sometimes physical) whenever we say "time to sit on the potty" but sometimes Dagny will just go in there and sit by herself, announcing "I have to go potty." So, that is good.

But the bad is that all of the "going with the flow" on the potty seems to be using up Dagny's capacity to follow directions. Even if I say "wait right here," she will keep walking as I repeat "wait right here" and "wait right here" over and over. Similar results for "stop touching your sister" and "put your bottom in your chair" and "that's enough crying". Frustrating.

However, if I had made a major life change, not gotten enough sleep and only eaten pistachios, cashews and french fries for two days in a row, I might have trouble focusing and following directions too.

In other news, it looks like a hot one here today. Maybe we will get to actually go into the ocean if those pesky jellyfish are gone. Annika has a new Hannah Montana wave-rider that we need to break in.


Kevin said...

R.I.P Tinkerbell

Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Its pretty hot back here too

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I am with you on the sometimes it's just easier to throw them out. My husband's favorite is when I put the dirty panties into the toilet to soak, then forget about them. Some may find this gross, but it gets out the stuck on bits, and flushes them away. I don't want that stuff in my washing machine, no matter how much OxyClean I use.

Keep the faith, we are in the same boat, esp with the following of directions. Hoping you can get in the water today!

Wes said...

LOL... Yea, we have our limits too :-)

Jarrett said...

Who ever said that kids should have independent thought? That's why I'll stick to dogs. My dog does everything I tell her to do. :)

Dogwood Girl said...

Ugh, we are right there with you. I have not hesitated to toss some particularly heinous panties.

Tara M. said...

Throw 'em out!

Danielle said...

Well Crap! That sucks! I just heard about someone who looked themselves in their house for an entire weekend with their kid buck naked to force them to become potty trained. Sounds pretty harsh but apparently it worked. The kid didn't want to poo all over the place so it learned pretty quickly how to use to commode.