Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crying it out?

At her 8 week checkup today, I asked our doctor how long I should let Dagny cry when trying to get her to nap independently. Until this point, I've been walking or rocking her to sleep in my arms and then putting her in the crib. We were worried she would have the horrible "no sleeping, therefore too tired to eat, therefore no sleeping" cycle that Annika had so we used any means necessary to get her to sleep.

Anyway, the answer was 2 hours. He suggested that I verify that she is fed and is clean, then put on my i-pod. We did a variation of this strategy with Annika, where I fed her, bathed her, then did laundry and showered while she "worked it out" and napped, but I was worried about doing it so soon with Dagny. The doctor said that I should have already done it and that it should take about 4 days.

In the meantime, I may have to get more adult beverages to get through the 4 days, but stay tuned for the update.

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Dogwood Girl said...

Have the 4 days started yet? How is it going? I think i like your hardass pediatrician.

And your healthy attitude about parenting and alchohol. They DO mix.